Taster Session 2012

We will be holding a special taster session at the White Horse Leisure Centre on Wednesday 19th September from 8pm – 10pm. This is an opportunity for people who are new to Korfball to find out what it is all about.

The evening is scheduled to coincide with the start of our indoor training, before the Oxfordshire league season starts and is an ideal time for new people to join the club. The exact format of the evening will depend on numbers, but roughly speaking it will be 30-45 minutes going through the basic rules with coaching on things like how to shoot and then hopefully some matches in a mini-tournament style.

We encourage new people to join the club at this time of year so that they can receive coaching with people of a similar level but don’t worry if you can’t make it to the taster session, just come along to any training session, we welcome complete beginners throughout the year.

For further information email enquiries@abingdonkorfball.co.uk

UPDATE: It was great to see all the new faces at the taster session last week. We are expecting some more new people this week who couldn’t make it last week. So if you still want to try out Korfball feel free to join us at the White Horse Leisure Centre this week on Wednesday 26th September from 8.30pm – 10pm (or at the same time any week after that).

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