Abingdon (1) 11 – 7 Oxford City (1)

6 October 2013 – RUSTY WINNERS

A winning start for Abingdon, always but City didn’t make it easy with some well organised attacks.

Abingdon were always ahead, and after the first few minutes Oxford didn’t get within two goals, but some rusty shooting prevented us from paying to our potential.

Mostly it was great defending that won the match for us.  Particularly from the Damien/Alex/Martin/Bärbel end.

Bhairavi  fell over/was pushed to the ground/tripped on her own laces/was the victim of some mice with a trip wire on 3 occasions before scoring a great goal under pressure.  (I should point out that this was not all in one attack.  That would have been impressive)

And congratulations to Martin who had a great first game for Abingdon especially winning some great collects in the second half despite giving away about 10inches in height.  It is all about the positioning you know…

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