Abingdon (1) 11 – 11 Basingstoke Bulls (1)

13 October 2013 –  SO TIGHT

Abingdon got the chance to take on last year’s league winners early on this season, and a very close contest it proved to be!

After a tight opening period with little scoring, the goal floodgates eventually opened. Abingdon took an early lead, but Basingstoke were never far away, and half time saw a 5-5 score line.

More nip and tuck in the second half, with the lead changing many times, but neither team ever more than one goal ahead. Those who didn’t get on the scoresheet in the first half made up for it later, and most players scored at least one goal. A couple of “minor incidents” were added to the ingredient list, adding some spice to an already exciting cauldron of korfball bubbling away.

At 11-11, Basingstoke nearly clinched it at the death, but excellent defending from Damien meant a defended shot, and so 11-11 it finished.

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