Abingdon Atoms (1) 21 – 9 Oxford University (1)

3 Movember 2013 – Abingdon 1 were up against a youthful and full-of-beans Oxford
Uni 1 team this afternoon.

The Abingdon old-timers were out of the blocks quickest though,
with a few early goals setting the tone in the initial few
minutes. After the early excitement, Gorka realised that the
match was being played during his normal siesta time. A
suitable “ankle injury” was picked up to allow him off the
pitch, and a hungry Damien on the sidelines was substituted into
the mix.

Lots of running from Uni, but lots of experience from Abingdon,
and the lead extended healthily. The odd Uni goal, but always
after a few Abingdon goals from our veteran shooters. A very
healthy half time score line of 14-3 was had, and Abingdon
sipped their water (or all of *MY* water if you’re Alex Girl)
more contentedly during the break.

The second half saw the gulf in age shine through. The ageing
legs and arthritic hips of Abingdon were starting to show,
meanwhile Uni substituted in some even fresher legs than were on
display before, resulting in a more even contest. Goal matched
goal for large periods, but no matter how fast and whizzy the
legs are, and no matter how much court you make your poor
defender follow your around, it’s goals scored that count.
Abingdon scored 7 to Uni’s 6, resulting in a final scoreline of
21-9. We’ll played everyone!

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