Abingdon Atoms (1) 13 – 13 Southampton Spartans

10 Movember 2013 – Another week, another Abingdon 1 match! This one was the highly anticipated clash against the very competitive Southampton Spartans, whose claim to fame is having the widest range in player height across the whole league.

As always, a tight opening to the match, goal matched goal as Abingdon 1 kept a couple of gluey-handed giant-gentlemen honest at either end, and dealt with the extremely tight marking by the female contingent of the Southampton team. Tit for tat, nip and tuck continued and a slender half time lead of 7-6 was achieved.

A knackered-looking Matt was replaced by the springy-funny-shoed John, playing in his debut match for the club. Meanwhile “Bha-Pat” made way for an energetic looking Susie, and with liquid replenished and zimmer frames re-oiled, the second half was soon under way!

Abingdon 1 are making a habit of starting the second half well, and so it continued today. Abingdon worked some excellent opportunities and at one point created a 3 goal lead, including Laurence’s first ever 1st team goal. A “one-handed” basketball special – we’ll gloss over the fact that there was no collect anywhere to be seen

Alas it wasn’t to last, and some fresh Southampton legs clawed it back in the dying seconds. Final scoreline: 13-13. Well played all!

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