Abingdon Atoms (1) 5 – 7 Isis (1)

This week Abingdon 1 took on Isis 1. Unfortunately Martin Bell wasn’t available *again* (boo), so alas there was no match up against his former club. Nevertheless, the rest of us went into battle with high hopes!

An uber-tight start was had, with no early scoring at all. Good defence on both sides kept each attack under wraps. This wasn’t helped by the fact that the wind in the sports hall was blowing the other way all afternoon, meaning that good shots were not quite as prevalent as you might expect.

Huff and puff from either side, and with both teams finding it tough going up front, each side eeked out 4 goals and honours were even at the interval.

With refreshment on-boarded, Abingdon 1 were keen to shake off the “slow second half starters” tag from recent weeks, and worked hard to create chances. But that beastly wind was still wreaking havoc and the going continued to be tough.

Meanwhile Isis 1 were starting to find their feet, and a couple of nice goals put them 6-4 up. Could Abingdon pull it back?

Alas the Abingdon shooting was by now as accurate as a kid waving a sparkler around on bonfire night, and despite creating some good opportunities, ball into plastic was not forthcoming. One goal clawed back gave a glimmer of hope, but the sports hall gale was now with Isis, and a final goal saw them slam the comeback door firmly shut, and a dour match finished 7-5 to Isis 1.

I’m sure the wind will blow back the other way next week 🙂

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