Abingdon Atoms (2) 9 – 4 Oxford City (2) and Abingdon Atoms (1) 25 – 5 Didcot Dragons (1)

Double header this afternoon, and first out of the blocks were Abingdon 2, blowing away the cobwebs from only having played one other match so far this season. Hoping to take advantage of the rustiness were an Oxford City 2 outfit, with their shiny blue kit gleaming away beneath the St. Gregory’s sports hall lighting.

The match had “low scoring thriller” written all over it right from the start, and as is customary these days, some excellent Abingdon defending always quickly stamped out any attacker who dared to try and get a feed. But alas buttery fingers and rubbery arms at the other end meant not many were going in at the other end. A couple of nice drop-off goals were scored, and at the half-hour mark Abingdon 2 took a breather with a slender 2-1 lead.

Low scoring thriller? Forget it! Despite a stunning half time team talk along the lines of “umm just shoot the ball into the basket more this half”, life was finally breathed into this contest. A few goals were traded at either end, and Abingdon 2 suddenly had a 6-4 advantage. Then everyone went beserk right at the death, and some excellent shooting meant a final score of 9-4. Well played Abingdon 2! 🙂

Before you could utter the words “test match defeat” (boo sulk, stupid Ashes series making me grumpy), Abingdon 1 were straight into their warm up, and da bad boyz of Didcot 1 gnashed away from the other end hoping to show us what they were made of!

I’m not sure what it was, but low scoring was definitely not on the Abingdon 1 cards this afternoon! With memories and open wounds from the Isis defeat the previous week still fresh in the minds of some, Abingdon 1 had all their shooting switches flipped on today and goals were dropping in with stunning regularity. Didcot tried with all their might, but alas they were no match for the shooting-and-defending Abingdon mean machine. A one-sided scoreline of 15-3 to Abingdon 1 was the half time score.

The slow second-half starters tag was finally shaken off today, and the Abingdon chefs kept the heat turned up in the korfball kitchen! Maybe it was a change in zimmer frame oil brand that did the trick… anyway, the carnage continued. Some delicious long shots were sunk, and everyone in the initial starting 8 got onto the score sheet, with a couple of subs coming on for a final 15 minute run-around at the end. A tired Didcot managed another couple of goals, but another ten from Abingdon in between meant a very satisfactory final scoreline of 25-5. Well played Abingdon 1! 🙂

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