Abingdon Atoms (2) 6 – 4 Isis (2)

After a comical sports hall double booking at St. Gregory’s, Abingdon’s matches this weekend were slashed from three to one, with Abingdon 2’s encounter against Isis 2 the only surviving fixture. A late kick off of 6:45pm was a bit close to bed time for some of our more aged team members, so extra coffees were downed and then we were off!

With caffeine levels high, attacking shots were wild and as a result, the ball stubbornly refused to drop in the right place. Fortunately Isis were having difficulties up front too, and after a goal each, a long period of deadlock ensued. This gave debutant “Limpit Shirlaine” (lots of) time to practice her defending, and she stuck to her girl like super-glue, not giving her an inch of room. Alas, Isis sneaked a second goal to take a 2-1 lead into the interval.

A few switcheroos were done and with some fresh Abingdon legs, the second half was a livelier affair. Yellow-shirt Katie had already scored a sumptuous long shot in the first half, and some good speed bursts meant lots of getting around her marker, resulting in a lovely close goal in the second half. The score advanced to 4-4, and it was anyone’s game. A second debutant for Abingdon then came on for a final 15 minute run-around, and Qin made an excellent start, passing well and keeping her marker in check.

The final moments saw Abingdon edge into a two goal lead to make it 6-4, including a record for the “highest goal” this season. Some over-powerful arms catapulted the ball into the stratosphere, and the accumulated ice on the ball shattered against the basket as it passed through on the way back down.

Good defending in the final minutes would see us win, and so it proved, 6-4 the final score. Well played Abingdon 2, and especially well played to Shirlaine and Qin playing their first match for the club! 🙂

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