Abingdon Atoms (2) 19 – 8 Didcot Dragons (2)

Happy new year to all! The first game of 2014 saw Abingdon 2 take on Didcot 2, and what a goal-fest it proved to be!

After the usual excesses of the festive period, Abingdon 2 waddled out onto the pitch and quickly went one up. A period of stalemate followed, with players on both teams cursing the decision to tuck into that extra brussel sprout sandwich on boxing day.

But as the first half wore on, calorific bellies started to reduce, and Abingdon 2 were stirred into life in a monumental way. Abingdon 2’s new year’s resolutions appear to be “create lots of chances”, and “SHOOT! (said in Alex Girl shouty fashion)”, resulting in lots of players getting on the scoresheet and kick-starting their 2014 goal tally in fine style. Long shots, running in shots, drop-offs, run-in-after-shot-shots, they were all there. A stunned Didcot 2 worked hard, but a 10-3 half time scoreline meant Abingdon 2 guzzled their low-fat water the more contented.

Big Petey-M from Didcot subbed on in the second half, but Abingdon 2 had made a third new year’s resolution: “don’t start badly in the second half”. And so Abingdon kept their healthy lead, and again a mixture of opportunities saw efforts from everyone rewarded in the goals column. Special mention to John with his comedy “ugly-but-effective” running in shot from far out after his defender over committed, and I lost count of the number of times a chap from Didcot met Lawrence’s “brick wall” defending arm when attempting to shoot.

Even with the super-subs from Didcot 2, Abingdon 2 kept them at bay very well and after 60 minutes of post Christmas huff and puff, Abingdon 2 finished the match with a fantastic January blues busting 19-8 win. Very well played everyone! 🙂

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