Abingdon Atoms (1) 8 – 3 Oxford Uni (1) and Abingdon Atoms (2) 6 – 3 Isis (2)

First up this afternoon were Abingdon 1, taking on a fresh-faced and speedy-legged Oxford Uni 1 outfit.

Unfortunately the Abingdon 1 shooting radar was overdue its MOT. Good defending meant Oxford Uni chances were few and far between, but the attacking half were spluttering too, and struggling to sink goals at the usual rate. Nevertheless perserverance paid off, and a couple of nice long shots along with a few running in successes meant Abingdon 1 took a 6-2 lead into the interval.

A workmanlike second half then followed, with not a huge amount to report other than Caroline and Gorka having “an honest exchange” about tactics whilst the ball was at the other end. Both teams struggled with their goals, and another two to Abingdon and one to Uni meant a final score of 8-3 to Abingdon 1.

Next up it was the turn of Abingdon 2 to take on anything that Isis 2 could produce. And alas, the goal-malaise from Abingdon 1 was apparently very contagious, and another match followed that won’t feature on the end-of-season highlights DVD (available from all good car boot sales).

It was roughly 10 minutes in when Abingdon 2 has taken a 4-2 lead. A high scoring game you may think? Well no – after that a period of stalemate followed, which seemed to last about 55 years (can you tell I was in the defending half?). Fortunately they were split into two periods of 27.5 years by the half time buzzer, so I got to put my hand over my water bottle instead of an Isis attacker for just a few minutes of variation.

Second half, and Isis 2 were struggling to form many attacks of any quality, and we were keeping them out reasonably comfortably, but alas the other end had problems of their own. Fortunately Laurence decided to take matters into his own hands and create some entertainment for us all, having his first ever “rattles-out-of-pram” korfball moment. Fortunately the referee overlooked the slammed ball in his direction, and he simmered down after that and focussed his rage into trying to help his team score goals instead.

After some more hard graft, an Isis 2 goal was cancelled out by two more Abingdon 2 goals, and a final scoreline of 6-3 meant another Abingdon 2 win. Special mention to Tayebeh for her lovely goal too!

Not our finest ever work, but well done to both teams for winning!

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