Abingdon Atoms (2) 5 – 5 Oxford Uni (2)

Abingdon 2 were in action this afternoon, and the 3pm slot was a clash against a yoof-ful Oxford Uni 2 side.

As is customary these days, good defence on both sides meant a quiet start to the match, with both attacks easing themselves into the afternoon’s activities. The stalemate was finally broken with a couple of nice drop-off shots to give Abingdon a 2-0 lead, and after the switch of ends John extended the lead further with a lovely long shot. The young-uns are no slouchers though and a goal leaked by the Abingdon defence got yoof-ful Uni back into the game. Stubborn resistance on both sides meant no further scoring, and the half-time rituals were commenced with Abingdon 2 having a crucial 3-1 buffer.

A substitution of Bingley for Boxy and we were off again. Alas the “early second half” bug struck Abingdon 2 especially hard this afternoon, and quite honestly, we were pants for a period straight after the break; lots of wayward passing, and more butter-fingers than a michelin starred restaurant kitchen. During this time the effervescent students clawed their way back into the match, and before you could say “SHOOT” Oxford Uni suddenly had a 4-3 lead. Would Abingdon 2 lose their first match of the season?

Nervy times, but Abingdon 2 are battle hardened warriors made of stern stuff, and calmer play created better opportunities as the second half wore on. Goal for goal meant 5-4 to the students. Fortunately a final Abingdon 2 goal clawed it back to 5-5 amongst the usual oohs and ahhs – a couple of Laurence one-handers went close, Shirlaine grazed the hoop on occasion, and another drop-off attempt was less classily finished this time.

Like all good cricket matches, both sides eventually shook hands on an honourable draw and wandered off the pitch for some afternoon tea. 5-5 it finished, and Abingdon 2 preserved their unbeaten season, albeit only just – well played all.

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