Abingdon (2) 15 – 7 Oxford City (2), Abingdon (3) 6 – 1 Didcot/City (3), Abingdon (3) 3 – 2 Isis/Uni (3), and Abingdon (1) 22 – 7 Didcot (1)

Abingdon korfball club’s biggest and most successful ever afternoon went something like this:

First was Abingdon 2 up against Oxford City 2, where a win would guarantee Abingdon 2 the Division 2 title. Would they crumble under the pressure or thrive on it?

Abingdon 2 made a great start, and were soon racking up a healthy lead. This was the match of Catalans and Beards, with Juan-Miguel springing up all over the place to score some lovely goals, and Laurence managing to find himself unmarked under the post on several occasions throughout the match.

Can’t remember the half-time score, but Abingdon 2 guzzled water with a healthy lead, and the one way traffic continued after the interval, with Nigel, Anna, Matt, Katie and John all chipping in towards the overall goal tally. No sluggish periods this week, Abingdon 2 were determined to play well all the way to the end, and a final scoreline of 15-7 saw them confirm themselves as division 2 champions, WELL PLAYED ALL! 🙂

After that excitement had calmed down, it was the turn of our beginners to get a taste of korfball matches and try out their new found skills from the previous three weeks. First opponent for Abingdon 3 was a combined Didcot and Oxford City 3rd team.

And what a match it turned out to be! Lots of energy and commitment from everyone, trying to pass the ball accurately, move it around and create some space. As expected the scoring was low to start with, but perseverance paid off and a lovely shot by Jess went straight in, giving Abingdon 3 a slender 1-0 lead at half time.

But it was after the break when Abingdon 3 really turned on the style! Again some superb commitment and energy meant the opposition never got a moment’s rest, and some good running in and veering attempts opened up some shooting opportunities, with Arantxa, Chris and Ramsey working particularly hard to create opportunities both for themselves and other team mates. A couple of lovely goals by Mike, and a hat-trick of successes for Andy R (including a great running in shot) put the Didcot/City team well out of site, and the final scoreline for Abingdon 3 was 6-1. Ladies and gents, for your first ever match that was brilliant, well played! 🙂

And an energetic Abingdon 3 got to do it all again 45 minutes later, this time against an Oxford Isis/Oxford Uni combined 3rd team. It was was obvious that some of the opposition had been playing a lot longer than our beginners, so this was always going to be a much tougher encounter, with those pesky young and energetic students running everywhere and keeping our defenders on their toes. Nevertheless, Abingdon 3 acquitted themselves beautifully to contend with all the opposition could throw at them, and a half time scoreline of 1-1 was a job well done.

Early in the second half and Abingdon 3 went 2-1 down. Would our beginners crash with disappointment? No way, and again after much good passing Abingdon 3 clawed it back to 2-2. Fortunately a winner was found, and 3-2 it finished, which is a fantastic result against a more experienced team, well played everyone!

The final act of the evening’s korfball show saw Abingdon 1 take on Didcot 1. With everyone chomping at the bit and raring to go, we were off…

Goal storm! Abingdon 1 were out of the traps like lightening, and that “liquid korfball” that Caroline is always banging on about was on display early on. Lots of slick passing and recycling of the ball meant loads of opportunities and if you create enough chances, then enough will go in. With almost everyone scoring before the break, a healthy half time scoreline of 12-3 was had.

Slow second-half starts are a thing of the past now, and the liquid korfball tap was turned on again for the second half. Although not for Caroline, who was smoldering away after seeing several shots not quite make it in and a blank still against her name on the scoresheet. Everyone else had managed it… could she?

As an aside, thank goodness we weren’t relying on penalties, because quite frankly one end were S-H-1-T! After yours truly missed two in a row (grrrrr), Susie took one… and missed… Caroline took one… and missed… John took one and missed… More practice for all of us.

Fortunately the rest of our team was all working very nicely, and everyone added to their tally. Except Caroline, still smoldering… and then finally, it happened… when she had almost given up hope, a long shot finally dropped. A cross between a jig and a karate kick demonstrated her excitement, and after a few cartwheels around the pitch (ok maybe that last bit didn’t happen) she was a very happy bunny 🙂

With the carnage over, Abingdon 1 shook hands with their opponents with a final scoreline of 22-7, rounding off a very successful afternoon for the whole club where a record number of players played a record number of matches and between them scored a record breaking 46 goals. WELL PLAYED EVERYONE! 🙂

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