Abingdon Atoms (1) 12 – 8 Southampton Spartans Uni (1)

The Abingdon 1 team bus departed Abingdon at 16:15 and excitement was in the air! It’s not often some of our ageing players get a day trip out to the seaside. Which of course it wasn’t – instead the reward was a dark and gloomy sports hall in the basement of Southampton Uni’s Student Union building, which was to be the location for this tasty little early evening treat of korfball. Southampton are a strong side, in particular when their very tall superman Alex Bell is playing. Fortunately we have super-duper coach Alex Beavan who was hoping to be our very own kryptonite in response.

Off we went, and an early arm faux-pas mid-shot meant a penalty to Abingdon 1, superbly slotted away by Alex B. Slick stuff from Southampton leveled the score at 1-1, which meant a change of ends. Damien and Gorka zoomed all over the place, and energy paid off, Damien clinically finishing a close shot to give us a 2-1 lead. But dogged Southampton leveled it at 2-2. Abingdon 1 then found their shooting range nicely, with two lovely long shots; one from Kryptonite-Boy and one from Car-sick Caroline, who had by now shaken off the effects of the journey down. 4-2 to Abingdon.

But those pesky Southamptonians were up to their tricks, energetic in all parts and giving our defense a stern test. One back meant 4-3, but Gorka eventually got the better of his man at the other end, and The Catalan Express sunk a delightful running-in shot to send Abingdon 1 into the interval with a 5-3 lead.

During half-time, the referee wandered round the pitch and picked up several rattles, and handed them back to both Abingdon and Southampton players to put back into their team prams. The atmosphere was simmering nicely, with lots of “hard done by” faces prevalent on both teams during the first half, and the referee on two occasions talking to players in each team like naughty students being scolded by the headmaster. Tut tut 😉

After the wrist slapping, it was time for the second half, and Kryptonite-Alex was out of the blocks super-fast, and taming Southampton-Superman very well. It’s not easy to get past a man with limbs that long, but the boy managed it and finished a nice running in shot to send Abingdon to a 6-3 lead. Southampton were feeling the heat now, and more foulage meant an Abingdon penalty – Kryptonite-Boy did good again, 7-3 to Abingdon.

Switch of ends and it was the turn of our Catalan Express to zoom in speedily past his new defender (fresher in the legs but alas not quicker in the legs), and in between a nice Southampton goal, scored to keep Abingdon 1 in a four goal lead at 8-4.

The Kryptonite-Boy was now in the zone, and getting past Southampton-Superman again resulted in a switch in defense. Step up John to complete a sweet drop-off shot. But Southampton kept at it, and a goal reward meant 9-5 to Abingdon 1.

A switch of ends, and Damien decided that he couldn’t let Gorka out-do him. The Flying-Frenchman was cut-off illegally mid-shot, and netted the resulting penalty. But not before Southampton continued to cling to our coat tails, and another goal meant the score was now 10-6. Meanwhile in defense throughout this passage of play, Southampton-Superman was getting frustrated, with Kryptonite-Boy severely weakening his powers. Switch of ends…

… free pass to Abingdon. Kryptonite-Boy to take… another goal! Another goal from Southampton made it 11-7. Time for a comeback from Southampton? No way – with legs tiring, Southampton’s tireless efforts rewarded them once more with a nice goal, but Gorka still had time to skin his man once more, and a running-in shot sealed an excellent win against a very good Southampton side, the match finishing 12-8 to Abingdon 1. Well played all, in particular 5 goals to Kryptonite-Alex and 3 goals to Catalan-Express Gorka! 🙂

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