Leicester Tournament – 31st May 2014

Well done Abingdon Atoms, a fine performance in the Leicester tournament yesterday!

A team of Alex Boy, Alex Girl, Helen, Steven, Chrissie, Damien and Matt (with thanks to Oxford City for providing a fourth girl on rotation) took part in a large tournament containing a whopping 22 teams, and had an excellent morning in the group stages, winning 4 games and losing just 1.

Which meant we were in the ‘top 8’ for the afternoon session, and therefore up against some tough opposition. Two losses and a win, and only one match where rattles were thrown out of prams (to be fair, our opposition were ‘less than gentlemanly’) meant a very respectable finish of 6th out of 22.

Special mention to Helen, who after a very long goal drought finally broke her duck and scored a lovely running in shot. She was so tickled pink that she promptly did it again in the next match! Helen’s goals, like London buses

Well played all!

Leicester Korfball 2014

Leicester Korfball 2014


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