Abingdon Atoms (3) 5 – 8 Didcot Dragons (2)

A new korfball season begins! And a new dawn for Abingdon Atoms, with the newly entered 3rd team debuting today against a tricky Didcot 2 side. With only 4 A3 players originally able to play, it looked like the ‘official’ result would have to be a 15-0 default win to Didcot (them league rules says only 3 players from A1 or A2 can play down). So Gorka, Helen, Anna and Erica were parachuted down to patch up an A3 team containing the fine skills of Chrissie, Dave, Rich and Gerrrrrrrd. Fortunately Saint-Shirlaine rode in and saved the day at the last minute! So Erica and Helen played a half each, meaning by the skin of our atomic teeth we were legal. How would they do against the Didders second string?

I wasn’t actually there, but my korfball spies are everywhere and our local reporter at the scene informed me that the club’s favourite Geordie lass Chrissie was like lightening in the first half! Clearly paying full attention to last week’s training session on running-in shots, she was skinning those Didcot girls quicker than a Geordie football fan scoffing a bacon buttie and cup of brown at St. James’ park. Ai pet, you did grand! In between these exciting passages of play, 4 goals were conceded but Anna, Captain-Rich and Erica all chipped in with a nice goal each. An even-stevens first half concluded 4-3 to Didcot.

What would the second half bring? Bingers off, Boxy on, drinkies taken and off they went for more korfing…

More good stuff in the second half, but my on-the-ground sources have told me fewer interesting facts to share with you. The bare facts were 4 more Didders goals leaked during this half, so Abingdon would need to score 5 to at least draw level. Could they? Alas no – even with the pedigree of Gerard “the beard to be feared”, Deadly-Dave, Rich McCaptain and Saviour-Saint-Shirlaine in their ranks today, only 2 goals could be mustered in the second half, with Gerrrrrd netting a graceful long shot, and Chrissie “Birthday-Girl-Butcher” (17 today or some incredibly small number like that?) finally getting her reward for all the excellent running-in during the match, bagging a runner-in at the death. Alas after a tough battle, the end result was an 8-5 win to Didcot 2.

Well played everyone, and nice to see the goals spread around the team with 5 people opening their accounts for the season! Next Sunday is a biggie – the club photo in our new kit, the A1 match, and of course the crunch match – A2 vs A3! Which needs lots of players available, so clear your diaries and be there if you can so that Gorka doesn’t have too many headaches! 🙂

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