Abingdon Atoms (1) 11 – 9 Oxford City (1) and Abingdon Atoms (2) 15 – 4 Abingdon Atoms (3)

A feast of korfball this afternoon, and a new club record set! Yes no fewer than a king-sized 25 people (the total number that is, not the dimensions of each player) turning out in orange with green bits for Abingdon Atoms this afternoon.

First up, Abingdon 1 against City 1. This looked a tough one on paper, with lots of pace in their squad and ever improving as the seasons tick by. And my spies inform me that it was a spicy first half, fierce competition and Damien “Le Sulk” nearly kicking off at one point. But half time saw just a touch of breathing space at 6-4 to Abingdon 1.

Second half, more of the same, but Abingdon 1 slowly but surely forged a greater lead, and by the looks of the scoring sheet, there must have been a few penalties flying around – The Boy and The French featuring highly in the overall statistics. No more excitement to note, other than Bhairavi’s new ankle supports, they really are tremendous.  A couple of City goals leaked at the end, but Abingdon 1 did enough, and a satisfying 11-9 win was the final result.

But never mind all of this Abingdon 1 nonsense (Division 1, blah blah blah…), the real contest of the afternoon was soon upon us. Abingdon 2 vs Abingdon 3! And as winners of Division 2 last year, Abingdon 2 were feeling the pressure, nothing other than a convincing win would do. Abingdon 3, full of youth, optimism and lambs-on-a-spring-morning freshness were keen to scupper us however they could.

We were off, and Arms-Anna and Biceps-Boxy were immediately causing havoc for A2, running in with deadly effect and giving the A3 ladies something to think about, with Boxy opening the A2 account with lovely high arms par-excellence. A rare journey away from the post gave me a long shot and Abingdon 2 were up and running.

A switch of ends and it was over to ‘the basket ball end’, full of one handed funny shooting picked up from that silly sport that only tall people play. Yes Luddite-Laurence, Tremendous-Tayebeh and Awesome-Andrew were all playing their own version of korf-sket-ball, the notable exception being the Brilliant-Bingers, a far more classical and traditional technique on display showing the others how it should be done. Each of them netted nicely during the first half, and Abingdon 2 were motoring nicely.

But Abingdon 3 battled on Deadly-Dave, Crafty-Chris, Shark-like Shirlaine, Super-Sarah, they wouldn’t give up easily. During the first half, Awesome-Arantxa, Gritty-Gerard and Crusader-Chrissie all reminded us of the new wave of talent present in our club. And both teams ate their half time oranges (what other fruit would we choose as a club, right?) with the scoreline 8-3 to Abingdon 2.

Second half, and an early scolding for Luddite-Laurence. The shot: one-handed. The collect: non-existent. Sure it went in, but TUT TUT!! Meanwhile at the other end, it wouldn’t be long before Jumping-Jimenez Juan-Mi got excitably in on the action, one to his name. Meanwhile back at the one-handed end, Bingers went mad and decided to end the basketball craziness and take matters into her own hands. BOOM BOOM, two more to her!

Meanwhile Arms-Anna, not wanting to be outdone by Biceps-Boxy decided to get a slice of the running-in pie, BOOM BOOM and two to her! The Abingdon 2 goals were raining in. What could Abingdon 3 reply with?

Crafty-Chris had a mad Catalan tearing around after him all match, meanwhile poor Dave was marked by yours truly, Abingdon’s sweaty telegraph pole, arms and limbs everyone making life very difficult for him. With Arms-Anna and Biceps-Boxy keeping out Shark-like Shirlaine and Superb-Sarah, scoring was tough at one end. Meanwhile the other end soldiered on manfully. Gritty Gerard, Nimble-Nigel, Captain-Chrisse and High-Flying-Henna were doing their best against the korf-sket-ballers. Surely one of them would get excited and over-commit? Of course, and the resulting move of this play was a beautifully netted goal from Nimble-Nigel.

60 minutes done, we all wiped away the blood sweat and tears, hugged kissed and made up, with the scoreline a healthy 15-4 to Abingdon 2. Well played everyone! In particular, Abingdon 3 shared their 4 goals between 4 players, and Abingdon 2 had goals scored by every player.

Eye on next week: Abingdon 1 go on tour to Basingstoke, meanwhile Abingdon 3 take on Isis 2 at St. Gregs.

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