Abingdon Atoms (3) 10 – 1 Oxford Isis (2)

Another write-up written by the Ghost of Matt. I may not have been there, but I have a special connection with the korfball gods, and they inform me that…

A3 are well and truly off the mark! A healthy scoreline of 6-1 at half time and a fantastic 10-1 thumping of Isis 2 in the end, with goals a plenty for the A3 players πŸ™‚ Laurence and Anna were parachuted down from A2, meanwhile Alex Girl was parachuted all the way down from A1 and told to play nicely.

So off they went, and not necessarily in this order…

Dashing-Dave! Ran in first to kick-start the goal scoring, a lovely running in shot, boom! Must be all that practice we’ve done recently…

Lethargic Laurence: A cunning running-in shot scored, and a typical one-handed effort from long range was his haul for the afternoon. He informs me he had several “close ones”… well if he used two hands, maybe they would have dropped…

Gargantuan-Gerrrrd! A fine korfballer this young man is becoming. A trio for his good self, including one penalty (we’ll gloss over the two other missed penalties) and an uber-quick running-in shot. The third was a long shot that was shortly followed by a barrage of expletives, because that’s never going in… oh wait, it actually did, WOOHOO! πŸ˜€

Chrissie! Ai pet, another champion effort! A lovely long shot from Her Geordiness, and several running in efforts that went oh so very close… and one dropped in! And a far better penalty conversation rate than Gerrrrd, scoring 1 out of 2, also giving her a trio of goals in total.

Final scorer, Nimble Nigel. No idea how or when, but well played Sir!

Special mentions to:

Shark-like Shirlaine: 110% commitment and ultra-competitive as always, contributing well. Unfortunately couldn’t convert a free pass attempt.

Anna-Amazing-Arms-Argemi: Must have been tired from trying to keep The Speed of Light from scoring goals in Basingstoke yesterday. No goals, but she will definitely have been a vital cog in proceedings to set up others to score.

Alex Girl. Girlie girlie girlie, you just can’t stay out of trouble can you… I heard there was a ‘referee’ moment. And then you told Shirlaine to mark tight, then didn’t cover her, allowing the Isis goal. So well done for being an excellent assist player today… but see me for a scolding on Wednesday at training πŸ˜‰

Well played everyone, and thanks to Laurence, Anna and Alex G for subbing down to fill in gaps. Great to see so many A3 scorers, and in particular a mixture of both running-in shots and long shots!

Next fixtures for each team:

A1: Sunday 19th October (3pm)
A2: Sunday 26th October (4:15pm)
A3: Sunday 9th November (6:45pm)

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