Abingdon Atoms (1) 12 – 9 Oxford Uni (1)

Just Abingdon 1 out for a leg stretch this pleasant Sunday afternoon at St.Greg’s, and up against “new yoof” in the form of this year’s Oxford Uni intake, mixed in with a few experienced players from previous years.

Abingdon 1 were collectively carrying a few war wounds this afternoon. Susie (neck), Erica (neck), Matt (calf), John (knee), meanwhile Gorka and Bhairavi were both suffering from an acute case of “being a big girl weather syndrome”, both huddled in the car whilst we were waiting for the sports hall to be opened. It was a pleasant(ish) 17 degrees outside…

Fortunately we were soon inside the warm sports hall surroundings, Gorka and Bhairavi were thawed out, and after our carers had bandaged us up and wheeled us out to the centre of the pitch, we were off!

And it was obvious within the first 5 minutes that this Oxford Uni lot were pretty useful. Dashing around and using blocks all over the place, they looked very well drilled and displayed some excellent skill. Quickly 1-0 to them, but a delightful Alex Girl long-shot special brought it back to 1-1. It already felt like a nip-and-tuck afternoon…

On we persevered, determined to show that experience counts for more than 18 year old legs. Stupendous Susie, up against some young whipper-snapper but still enough class to net a nice goal. Alex Boy-Wonder was trying his usual medley of tricks, but these young-guns held firm. A goal for him, but pesky moves at the other end meant it was tough keeping them out.

Gorka – surely he was smouldering like an angry volcano against his guy, but no, he kept his cool and was rewarded, one to him. Switch of ends, and John (who surely must be the owner of those wellies in the picture posted on our Facebook group?!) after some delightful individual-toed action added nicely to our tally.

6-5 at half time (or maybe 7-5. The author assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information). Team talk from Boy-Wonder, refreshments glugged, off again…

And more tough going. With rolling subs-a-plenty from Uni, more shiny and gleaming adult fresh legs opened for the first time from their original factory packaging were brought on, and so their energy continued with vigour. But we battled on manfully… Boy-Wonder netted, as did Stupendous Susie, meanwhile at the other end, Girl-Wonder notched a couple more to her personal tally. But keeping those pesky students down ‘aint easy, and they were still finding energetic ways to create space and finish off some shots nicely… the scoreline still tight…

Fortunately breathing space was eventually found, and another JohnnO toe special combined with Boy-Wonder’s third of the afternoon meant an 11-9 lead to us. A final drop-off shot by me completed the scoring for the afternoon, and at the final whistle, a very hard earned 12-9 victory was the result.

Well played all, and after the one-sided individual goal tallies at Basingstoke last weekend, this weekend 6 out of 8 player chipped in to our final total.

Next fixtures for each team:

A1: Sunday 26th October (3pm)
A2: Sunday 26th October (4:15pm)
A3: Sunday 9th November (6:45pm)

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