Abingdon Atoms (2) 11 – 4 Oxford Isis (2) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 7 – 7 Oxford City (2)

With most of the club seeming unavailable for this weekend’s fixtures (your roving reporter included, attending his annual dose of NFL goodness at Wembley), meant that unfortunately the A1 fixture vs Basingstoke was conceded, so a 15-0 default loss there. Which left Abingdon 2 and Abingdon 3 to have a jolly good tussle against their respective foes for position in the Division 2 league table, with those available Abingdon 1 players kindly filling in a few gaps in both teams.

Abingdon 2 up first, and in their way stood Isis 2, who are alas struggling for players and experience this season, with league results reflecting this misfortune. A rallying email master plan from Damien beforehand regarding “un bien opportunity pour practicer les bon skills de korfball” was not quite implemented as intended, and a few labouring passages of play were on show during the match. In between though, enough balls went through korfs to allow the record books to demonstrate a convincing win. The excitable Catalan Juan-Mi and Monsieur Le Fraysse each notched 1. A duet of goals for Sir Laurence of Hudson, meanwhile the goal machine Andrew Rogers only scored a disappointing 3(!) goals this week, kindly giving the rest of us a chance. But if you want sheer class on a korfball pitch, then Stylish-Susie-Speller is your lady, a quartet of successes for her, with the final result an 11-4 win to Abingdon 2.

Step aside Abingdon 2, the real heroes of the afternoon were up next! Abingdon 3 took on an experienced Oxford City 2 outfit, and you would forgive the bookmakers beforehand for predicting an Oxford City win. Well ya boo sucks to the bookies, because Abingdon 3 weren’t having any of it! With John-the-Toes and Baerbel the only higher team players stepping in to help, the rest were keen to give a good account of themselves. My spies were still very much out in force…

An early foul, an Omotani penalty, 1-0. The true Beard-to-be-Feared, Gerrrrrrd Kerr (although since the start of Movember, he’s more like the shaved-off to be afraid-of these days…), a top-speed running-in shot, 2 to Abingdon 3. Delightful Dave, hair flapping everywhere and thoroughly confusing his defender, a splendid long shot dropped in, 3-0. John’s toes twinkled, a 4th sunk. A City goal at some point, but Abingdon 3 were suddenly 4-1 up!

But City’s experience started to show. One goal back, then another… then another, yikes, 4-4… Gerrrrrrd to the rescue once again, this time a long beauty, and half-time oranges suckled on with the scoreline a squeaky 5-4 to Abingdon 3. All to play for…

Second half, and I have been asked to give a special mention here to both Amazing-Arantxa and Splendid-Sarah, who by all accounts were immensely good against taller and far more experienced girls, doing a sterling defensive job against them both. Another foul on Johnty-Toes (get it Alex B? 😉 ), another pen, 6-4 Abingdon. But City just don’t know how to die quietly, two back, and a scoreline of 6-6 with all to play for. The capacity crowd were on tenterhooks… and then disaster, 7-6 down! Behind for the first time and just 3 minutes to go… Never fear, Gerrrrrrrd is here! Another Abingdon newbie now sinking goals frequently, this time those long-shooting muscles were exercised to perfection, clawing it back to 7-7. A final penalty opportunity near the end could have won it in the dying seconds, but alas Chrissie couldn’t convert. She asked me to “apologise” in the match report on her behalf, but NO WAY Butcher! You have to step up and volunteer to take them in order to miss them, so do not feel bad 🙂

And so 7-7 it finished, which I think is an excellent effort against one of the better and more experienced sides in Division 2, so well played everyone in Abingdon 3!

Next fixtures for each team:

A2: Sunday 16th November (3:00pm vs Oxford City 2)
A1: Sunday 16th November (4:15pm vs Isis 1)
A3: Sunday 23rd November (6:45pm vs Oxford City 3)

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