Abingdon Atoms (2) 6 – 7 Oxford City (2) and Abingdon Atoms (1) 18 – 6 Oxford Isis (1)

A duet of matches for Abingdon this weekend. Abingdon 3 could rest their weary legs for a weekend, meanwhile Abingdon 2 and Abingdon 1 donned their orange and fought hard for the pride of the club!

Slight team re-jigs and a few absentees meant changes in personnel this weekend. John was parachuted down from A1, meanwhile dining at the Abingdon 2 table with him were the exquisite talents from A3 of Chrissie, Arantxa and Gerard, all keen to give a good account of themselves.

And they were off! But so were City 2, and defence were very much winning on both sides, nullifying attacking options and squeezing opportunities to a minimum. The lack of experience of the two Abingdon divisions playing together with each other was telling, but nevertheless onward they all battled… a half-time scoreline of 3-2 to Oxford City just about summed up the first half. Not sure who scored before the break so let’s give korf-sket-baller Tayebeh one of her two goals before half time, and the other can go to another korfsketer Ginger-Ninja himself Andrew Rogers (not quite on fire as in previous weeks, but certainly warm enough given the situation – and apparently his mum reads these match reports so Mrs. Rogers, a special mention for your attendance and your boy did good again!)

Second half and the battle continued, neither side giving an inch. Lackadaisical-Laurence, Acrobatic-Arantxa, Bouncy-Boxy and Gritty-Gerrrrrrd were all plugging away, but defenders were keeping them in check nicely.

Her-Geordiness Chrissie got in on the action, one to her. A clean pair of heals shown to his defender, one more to Andrew and the proudest of mothers sporting a beaming smile on the sideline (Dad looked pleased as punch too!) Alas City goals were now dropping, suddenly it was 6-4 to them… goals needed from somewhere. With huff and puff, we drew level! Tremedous-Tayebeh bagged her second, and Ginger-Ninja to finish his trio with a final goal. 6-6… alas, a final City goal went in, and the final scoreline was a heart breaking 7-6 Oxford City win, well played to them.

So Abingdon 1, also struggling for fluidity this season after divisional tinkering, were up next to try and light the blue touch korf paper against Isis 1. Changes and absences meant Bingers, Anners and your roving reporter Buckers joined the usual A1 suspects. Could we get our class back?

It always helps when Boy-Wonder is in town. It helps even more when Girl-Wonder is also in town at the same time, and a SMOKA Saturday match against Harrow in particular had lit the Girly-cylinders within. Early Alexey goals kick-started us nicely and set us well on our way. But Isis 1, despite injuries and player losses are certainly not to be sniffed at. Yours truly was caught on the back foot, letting in the crushing disappointment of a very long but very good Steven Van Boxel effort. Helen on the sidelines didn’t know whether to cheer or cry… a few other Isis goals dropped in during a poor 10 minute spell, but generally both ends were working well and managing to create lots of shooting opportunities and keeping ahead on the score sheet. Meanwhile Anna was doing an outstanding job, lovely runs past her more than competent opponent gave her some shooting opportunities, and excellent post positions meant despite her lack of vertical presence, she was able to do some good collecting for her division, nice work! Meanwhile at the other end, I was happy to get one back on Steven in our personal duel, a long shot sunk. In other goal scoring news, some more Boy-Wonder and Girl-Wonder goodness was exhibited, and perhaps Susie’s delightful goal too were all bagged before half time, giving us an 8-5 advantage.

Second half, and finally Abingdon 1 looked more like their old self from last season! Gorka, being given a tough time by a new but athletic Isis recruit used his experience and netted nicely, meanwhile Damien finally got le-better of Peter Sage, one for Monsieur. Some more Boy-Wonder magic (every time I looked up he was skinning his marker and popping in a nice running-in shot) and some Girl-Buckers-shot-collect-post-feed-running-combos meant two runners for Girl-Wonder, and a wrong-footing of Van Boxel meant a running-in shot reward for me. Bingers-the-Brilliant was in and out all over the court, working tirelessly and helping keep our attack going nicely as Isis legs started to tire.

And then it had to happen… Pete Sage went off, a new recruit was subbed on for the final 10 minutes, and Damien’s eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. I’m sure you can picture the rest… “Je veux les feeds, je veux les feeds” he bellowed to the rest of our division, and so we consented and allowed a final 10 minutes of “Damien-Time”, and after numerous run-ins and mental scarring of new Isis players who may never be physically capable of picking up a korfball again, he added two more to his tally to give him three for the afternoon, and Monsieur was grinning like a Cheshire cat!

With just one more Isis goal added during the second half, the final scoreline was a whopping 18-6 win to Abingdon 1, well played everyone! 🙂

Next fixtures for each team:

A1: Sunday 23rd November ***AWAY*** (6:00pm vs Southampton Uni 1)
A3: Sunday 23rd November (6:45pm vs Oxford City 3)
A2: Sunday 7th December (4:15pm vs Oxford City 3)

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