Abingdon Atoms (1) 9 – 21 Southampton Uni (1) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 17 – 2 Oxford City (3)

Have two Abingdon korfball league matches ever taken place at the same time? Outside of summer tournaments I’m willing to bet not…

So new records were created when an Abingdon 1 army trekked down to the dungeon-ous sports hall buried deep within Southampton Uni’s student union building for a 6pm korf-off. Meanwhile back at the St. Greg’s home ranch, Abingdon 3 were warming up ready for a tete-a-tete with Oxford City 3rds ready to start at 6:45pm. Abingdon 2? Having a smoke behind the bike shed and playing truant this week, no action for them.

So then, Abingdon 1 against the big Division 1 guns, and these days it’z well tricky for dem busy Abingdon 1 mums to travel too far for korfball. Bhairavi was absent too meaning Bingers, Anners and Tayeeebz all stepped up from A2 to help the lady contingent. And this was Tayebeh’s first ever Abingdon 1 match – nothing like ‘in at the deep end’…

So off we went, and a jolly nice start, Abingdon keeping neck and neck with the Southampton Slaughterers first up, both ends playing it round nicely. Suddenly it was 3-3. Fire-Cracker Gorka, a nice effort dropping. Millpond-Calmness Buckers, a long shot from me, and Well-Up-For-It-As-Ever-Beavan sneaking one in despite the lean mean Alex Bell machine to grapple with.

Alas Southampton are full of goals these days all round the park, and they inched their way into a healthy lead. A couple of substitutions saw better players subbed on, so clearly we had worried them with our early showing. But onwards we pressed, we had travelled all this way and were determined to do our best! Gorka, one more (details uncertain). Yours truly, one more (details certain, a long shot). Someone else…. let’s say Monsieur Le Fraysse, in on the scoring act. Despite some tremendous efforts, a 12-6 half time lead to them.

Second half, on we plugged… Girl-Wonder had a Girl-Even-More-Wonder all over her for 60 minutes, so life was very tough, and she was manfully supported by Bingers in defence. Meanwhile Anna and Tayebeh were passing it around nicely at the other end, trying to penetrate the ultra-tight Southampton Slayers’ defence. The Catalan Express rid his marker one more time to bag his third of the afternoon, Boy-Beavan finally got free from Alex Bell’s clutches for his second, and Monsieur netted encore une fois. Alas, the final scoreline was a slightly mis-leading 21-9 to Southampton. They played well and deserved the win, but given our patched up team, this was an excellent effort against a very good side, the scoreline not really reflecting that, so well played all!

Meanwhile, what was kicking off at St. Gregs? Who is this Damian Tyler chap?! I’ve met him 3 times in two and a half years, but tickle me pink and knock me over with a feather duster, here he was in a match! Super-Susie, not able to get the time for a Southampton trip pulled some family strings and helped us by filling a girl gap at the far closed St. Greg’s venue. So other than the Susie A1 play-down, this was a true Abingdon 3 outfit. My spy this week was Left-Lieutenant-Laurence watching from the sidelines…

Start of the show first up was Racing-Rich McGowan! Not content with losing his marker and sinking a mid-range effort, he was so pleased he did it twice, BOOM! Change of ends, and Her Geordiness snuck nicely into feed to give Dynamite-Dave Plummer a super running-in shot. Special mention now for Superb-Shirlaine, her first league goal for Abingdon, a close in post effort after a sterling effort by Dave to win the ball back from the defenders! Good stuff Fasanya! πŸ™‚

Racing-Rich, a cool penalty (nice run-in attempt to provide it Susie), smooth. And really Rich, you’re just showing everyone else up now. A smooth-side-feed from smooth-Susie, and Rich had his 4th of the afternoon before half time! Leave some for the others McGowan…

A Damian Tyler penalty, also smooooth. And just to show that he still has them korfy skills left in him, a cheeky running-in effort, and suddenly Abingdon 3 were a whopping 8-0 up by half time! Nice work all round πŸ™‚

Re-hydration complete, and off they went… a City 3 goal, but that only opened our floodgates more. Time for some run-ins! Susie for a sprint (well fed Rich), BANG. Dave for a dash (well fed from Sarah H), BANG. My spies leave no stone unturned though Dave, so be a good chap and use *two* hands next time (ironic really though, when you consider that my spy this week was Laurence…)

Anyway, well wow, this match report is long, perhaps no-one is reading it by now and you’ve all switched over to the X-Pop-Strictly-Factor results or something… anyway, so much more to tell! Dave may be one-handed, but he is certainly multi-talented, a delightful drop-off shot, lovely… Nimble-Nigel then decided he wanted his slice of the goal-scoring pie this afternoon, beautifully side-fed by Rich to bag a running-in shot. And even nimbler, he then followed up with a delectable long effort, two to his name now. And on and on the scoring went… Damian T (who is he again?), ball obtained from a Geordie feed, run-in netted. And what is good for one is good for the other, in a nice reversal of roles, a Damian T feed gave Her Geordiness a running-in shot to her name.

Anyone still reading? What next… well, a second City goal. Abingdon to roard back… Sarah Hayes, our newest player worked hard all afternoon, a tremendous effort from her today, and she got her defender in a right old pickle resulting in a foul, to give Rich a nice penalty to add to his tally. And just for variety a Dave side-feed gave Her Geordiness another nice running-in shot to finish off the afternoon.

Well clearly all of our shooting practice from the past few weeks has paid off, the final scoreline an eye-watering 17-2 win to Abingdon 3! Some special mentions… firstly, 5 goals to Rich, a very nice haul indeed. Secondly, Dave hosted “a blocking party” all afternoon, and countless blams and deflections meant City struggled to get shots away past him, nice work. Her Geordiness picked up a swollen hand after a collision with Damian T and a City boy. Meanwhile, last but not least, Damian T now has a strained buttock muscle! Now there’s an injury… Chrissie swollen hand, Damian T bruised bum… that’s all I’m saying πŸ˜‰
Anyway, very well played Abingdon 3, doing proper good in that league table now! πŸ™‚


A1: Sunday 30th November (3:00pm vs Oxford Uni 1)
A3: Sunday 30th November (5:30pm vs Oxford Uni 2)
A2: Sunday 7th December (4:15pm vs Oxford City 3)

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