Abingdon Atoms (1) 16 – 20 Farnborough Jets (1) and Abingdon Atoms (2) 14 – 8 Didcot Dragons (2)

With Abingdon 3 already on an extended Christmas break, it was down to Abingdon 1 and Abingdon 2 to bring korfball in 2014 to a close at St. Greg’s this afternoon. The Boy had festive tinsel on his shoes, so it was already shaping up to be something quite special…

So then, the order of play meant that up first were Abingdon 1, and their foe this afternoon were da new kidz on da division 1 block, in the shape of Farnborough 1! No pushovers and quality littered throughout their ranks, this would certainly be a tough test.

And just like the Christmas crackers at the dinner on Saturday evening, the match was off with a bang! Quick as you like it was 1-1, a long range effort from me was soon cancelled out at the other end. Switcheroo and Baerbel decided this would be an afternoon of delicately executed drop-off shots, taking advantage of her defender napping at the post and sinking one nicely. Farnborough goal and already bums on the sidelines were squeaking in anticipation of a closely fought contest…

My my, what happened next… I remember shockingly little from this match in fact, so just go with the flow for a couple of paragraphs… Bhairavi! A well timed second-wave run and a sneaky feed meant she could work some Indium magic with those arms, one for her. Monsieur Le Fraysse bagged one too, a classy long shot, and Boy-Tinsel at the other end was putting the festive footwork to good use, one for him. But in between, those Farnborough goals kept dropping in with regularity. Gorka, what an effort from him, tasked with keeping tabs on a chap I will nick-name “Superman”, based in his apparent ability to be able to regularly score whilst turning and travelling backwards through mid-air.

More classiness from Baerbel, another drop-off nailed with aplomb. Meanwhile at the other end, Girly decided to get in on the action, one to her, and some nice team work meant I was able to score another long range effort, ending the half with the scoreline 9-8 to Farnborough.

Refreshments downed in one, and it was all very much to play for in the second half! Yet more classiness from Baerbel, deciding to mix things up and score a long range effort to complement her drop-offs from earlier. Boy-Tinsel shelled his marker and netted a second, and Anna, oh those lovely lovely arms, yes Anna Arms-gemi did a little Catalan dance, the end result being a wrong-footed defender, which is all Anna and her size 3 trainers needed to quickly tootle past and stretch upwards towards the sky, a running-in effort nailed to perfection.

Suddenly we were level! Could we sneak the win? Bhairavi got in on the scoring act again, one to her… Girly was picking arguments with people left right and centre, but left enough rage in the tank to channel into a second goal for her, and another one for both me and Damien ended the Abingdon scoring. Was it enough? No! 😦 Alas more Farnborough goals went in during this time, and despite the hard work we finished losing 16-20 to them. Handshakes all round afterwards, a close match but alas not even a bonus point for us on this occasion. But 7 out of 8 players contributed to the scoring effort which was excellent to see, just Gorka out for a duck on this occasion due to not having enough kryptonite to keep pesky Superman away.

So then, it was up to Abingdon 2 to give us some Christmas cheer and send us into the festive period with smiles on our faces! Team news, Shirlaine and Rich up from Abingdon 3, and Alex Girl down from Abingdon 1 to help out. Their opponents were Didcot 2 who are currently sat at the top of Division 2, so this would also be a stern test for them.

And they were off! And John’s toes were quick to propel him towards a goal scoring opportunity, and early one bagged for him. And before you could say “korfsketball”, Rich golden-arm McGowan was sinking a lovely long shot. 2-0 before anyone knew what was happening!

Didcot goal (booo), but Ginger-Ninja Rogers was soon notched up on the score sheet, one for him. Switch of ends, and Abingdon were motoring. A couple of moves were too quick for Didders, and a couple of fouls gave John and his toes two penalty opportunities, both of which he polished off without fuss, excellent technique demonstrated for both.

Another Didders goal (more booos), and with husband and family watching, Tayebeh was hoping to be Tremendous this afternoon. She didn’t disappoint, and her path to the basket may not have been classically straight a-la the korfball way, but nevertheless the end result was a running-in completion for her, much to the delight of her sideline entourage!

Shirlaine! Competitive as always, she was supporting the team very well, doing some sterling work under the post enabling others to get lots of shots up. And Anna, well she lit the blue touch paper too! Maybe one of the Didcot players had called her a Spaniard or something, the result being a fired up Catalan running everywhere and competing for loose balls left right and centre. Nice work ladies πŸ™‚

After that… well, quite simply it was the John and Andy show right up until the final whistle! They should form a double act called “Toes and Ginger”, because that’s how the rest of the scoring went for the afternoon: “to me, to you, two to me, two to you, to me, to you”. Didcot as a team got to 8 by the end of the match, but between them Toes and Ginger netted another 8 just between themselves, meaning the final scoring tallies were 1 goal to Rich, 1 to Tayebeh, and then… wait for it… 5 to Andy, but even better than that… 7 to John! Final scoreline a stonking 14-8 win, immense stuff πŸ™‚

Well that’s it for 2014, happy Xmas everyone! πŸ™‚

But don’t eat too many tortillas and mince pies, because:


A2: 4th Jan vs Oxford City 3 (3:00pm)
A1: 11th Jan ***AWAY*** vs Farnborough 1 (2:15pm)
A3: 11th Jan vs Oxford City 2 (4:15pm)

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