Abingdon Atoms (2) 16 – 4 Oxford City (3)

The 2014/2015 season “post turkey era” started up today, with Abingdon 2 looking to work off some of that Christmas excess against Oxford City’s 3rd team. As we dribbled in one by one, sweating due to having to walk our Christmas bellies all the way from the car into the sports hall, Oxford City were already warming up hard.

Team news, and sacré bleu! Le-Seb was almost required to step in at the last minute, but fortunately Late-Laurence turned up in the nick of time… meanwhile a couple of A1 play downs, and Chrissie and Sarah playing up from A3 meant a balanced squad overall.

Whistle blown, off we all waddled, and the first 10 minutes were always going to be a bit rusty. Ginger Ninja hadn’t even scored 4 by this point, so things were starting to look very serious indeed… Fortunately the Toes of 2015 are just as good as the Toes of 2014, and early on they twinkled into life, a feed by me meant (bizarrely) John got a clear running-in shot, which he polished off just as nicely no-doubt as his Christmas day turkey. Then an Oxford City goal, 1-1 and change of ends. A few early careless passes and a few butter fingers, was this going to be a frustrating afternoon for Abingdon 2?

Fortunately waddles turned into jogs, and jogs turned into sprints. Christmas excesses slowly started to shed, and Abingdon 2 creaked back into far more fluid form at both ends of the pitch. Laurence netted one nicely, and then Ninja kicked of his tally for the afternoon after skinning his man nicely. Switcheroo, and John-O got back in the goal scoring action at our end, a nice drop off from him. And what’s good for him is good for me too, a long shot and a napping defender meant I could get a drop-off shot in too. 5-1 and we were motoring!

Toes-and-Ginger. A double act formed late in December 2014, are apparently still going strong into the new year. Whilst the rest of us tucked into a cuppa and a turkey and sprout sandwich on the sidelines, we left them to it for a bit. BANG BANG, double strike to the Ninja, 7-1, change of ends. BANG BANG, Twinkle-Toes said thanks, two more to him. And just as the ref was starting to eye up our turkey and sprout sandwiches and blow for half time, Ninja netted once more giving us a healthy 10-1 at half time, and 4-a-piece to Toes-and-Ginger…

Second half, and a few substitutions meant more experience was brought onto the pitch by Oxford City, so things got that bit tougher. Nevertheless we soldiered on, and our ladies decided it was time to get in on the scoring act! Bingers had had a good afternoon, but couldn’t get the finish away. Until now! She lit the heel-burners and skinned her lady in that classic scampering-over-hot-coals style of hers, a lovely running-in shot scored. And what’s good for one lady is good for another lady. Supreme Sarah had battled hard all afternoon, and on her debut outing for Abingdon 2 also skinned her marker and scored a lovely running-in shot too. Less scampery than Bingers, but just as quick!

Alas a few City goals were leaked during the second half, 3 more scored by them, but in between Laurence bagged another, and just the three more for Ginger Ninja, taking him to a rather disappointing personal tally of 7 (yes that’s S-E-V-E-N) goals in the afternoon… poor show Andrew, poor show 😉

Final result, a comfortable 16-4 victory to Abingdon 2, with everyone looking a little bit less stodgy than they did 60 minutes previously. And special mention to Sarah, bagging the MVP award from Oxford City! Well played all 🙂


A1: 11th Jan ***AWAY*** vs Farnborough 1 (2:15pm)
A3: 11th Jan vs Oxford City 2 (4:15pm)
A2: 18th Jan vs Oxford City 2 (3:00pm)

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