Abingdon Atoms (1) 16 – 14 Farnborough Jets (1) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 6 – 7 Oxford City (2)

Road trip for Abingdon 1 this afternoon, and the minibus pulled up in the Farnborough sports hall car park with optimism high. A full squad turnout and a narrow loss against them last time, this was destined to be an epic, and so it turned out to be!

With Alex’s wise words of “don’t go behind early” still ringing in our ears, we promptly went behind early. Sorry coach… 1 down, but after a moderate passage of stalemate, a Beavan shot dropped in, 1-1.

Change of ends, and another Farnborough goal was canceled out by some nice diagonal play, a long ball allowed me to polish off a long range effort from the corner, 2-2.

Unfortunately we lost our way for a while, 4 goals conceded on the trot and suddenly we were 6-2 down. Time for a time-out, Bhairavi put the kettle on and cracked open the soothing chamomile tea, and after a jolly good debate across some scones and cucumber sandwiches, we were back and determined to do the business.

And so we did! 6 on the trot in fact, some Girl Wonder and Boy Wonder magic, une pour Monsieur, el-Gorka netted uno goalo nicely, Blistering-Baerbel bagged one, and I scored another long one from what was rapidly becoming my favourite corner of the Farnborough pitch πŸ™‚

8-6, and with Baerbel nailing a second to cancel out a Farnborough effort, we finished off our picnic tea at half-time with a scoreline of 9-7 to Abingdon 1.

Determined to keep our lead in tact, sandwiches were devoured, cups of tea were emptied, and off we toddled for more korfy fun! And unlike previous encounters, we managed to maintain our lead through out the half. Occasionally 3 goals up, but never fewer than 2 ahead. More Boy-Wonder goodness, despite currently fighting off man-flu, he defied his crippling and debilitating illness and found the korf twice more. Monsieur bagged one more via the penalty spot, a BANG BANG double whammy of Girl-Wonder action, and a final classy finish from Baerbel completed our scoring. 16 was the final number, with Farnborough only managing to reach 14 in reply, a fully deserved result after lots of blood, sweat (mostly my sweat to be fair) and tears. A 16-14 win against the league leaders felt GOOD! πŸ™‚

But that wasn’t the only Abingdon action taking place. Oh no sir-ee, in a sports hall far far away from Farnborough, Abingdon 3 were limbering up ready to take on Oxford City 2 at St. Greg’s, and after their excellent 7-7 draw against them earlier this season, another close match was anticipated. And special mention to Katie Proctor, our newest recruit was making her debut today! Crikey, the ink is barely dry on her Abingdon sign-up contract and already she was keen to get into the thick of the action, good stuff πŸ™‚

Anyway, this match didn’t disappoint, and my Geordie spy at St. Greg’s this afternoon informs me that it went something like this:

Off they went, and quite frankly, if Rich was our Abingdon 3 “golden arm” in 2014, then he’s now the Abingdon 3 “platinum arm” in 2015! His first goal was a delightful running-in effort, quickly followed by a second goal, but this time for variety it was a classy drop-off shot.

2-0 to Rich, and shell-shocked City were stirred into life. BANG BANG BANG, 3 on the trot for them, and a test of character now for Abingdon 3. Need a goal… who you gonna call? Ghost Busters? No, but instead it was Platinum-Arm McGowan, up to his dastardly tricks again, BANG, 3-3. Bums-a-squeakin’ already on the sidelines…

Alas, two more City goals, 5-3 and switch of ends. With platinum-arm now at the defending end, stalemate was had up to the interval.

Rehydration complete (none of this chamomile tea nonsense, Chrissie handed round some chips and gravy instead), PLAY! Alas, a City goal made it 6-3 to them. Switcheroo… Splendid-Sarah…. oooh, not quite! Dynamite-Dave…. oooh, not quite! Tremendous-Tayebeh…. ooh, not quite! Agonising efforts not quite dropping for our soldiers in attack. Call in the platinum man! Rich McGowan, what a player, goal number 4 dropped in sweet as a peach. 6-4 to City, and Abingdon 3 were definitely still in this…

Nimble-Nigel, several long range efforts just wouldn’t drop, good stuff from Abingdon’s newest Dad. And debutant Katie Proctor (what will I nickname you I wonder? Kraftie-Katy? Kracking-Katie? Kool-Katie? Katie-the-Greatie? Not sure yet…) was doing a great job for the team, my Geordie reporter on the sidelines informed me that “the lass did crackin'”… Arantxa-the-great was steaming all over the place too helping out left right and centre, representing our Catalan contingent at St. Greg’s this afternoon, nice work ladies!

Gah! A City goal, who said that could happen? 😦 *Sulk*, 7-4 to them. Could Abingdon 3 pull it back?!

Gerrrrrrrrrrrd!!! Where has that beard been all match? Well better late than never, the Irish-Express steamed past his player, and netted a lovely running-in effort. 7-5… oh and wait a minute, who is this? Only Tremendous-Tayebeh! Subbed on to give Her Geordiness’s dodgy knee a rest, our favourite korfsketballer dashed in, and also bagged herself a running-in shot, sweetly done…

7-6! Could Abingdon 3 nick a draw? Alas no, that was the end of the scoring, but again what an effort against a City 2 team currently sat top of the league. Well done everyone for pushing them all the way, and a fully deserved bonus point was had, 7-6 the final result to City.


A2: 18th Jan vs Oxford City 2 (3:00pm)
A1: 18th Jan vs Didcot Dragons 1 (4:15pm)
A3: 18th Jan vs Didcot Dragons 2 (5:30pm)

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