SMOKA – Atoms 18 – 8 Lakers

Early Wakey-Wakey for the Atoms SMOKA team today.  A 10:30 kick-off against the MK Lakers who in fairness probably got up before we did.

The official Atoms Boys ski trip put a bit of a dent in availability this week, SMOKA stalwarts John, Laurence and Matt all missing meant opportunities for Gerrard and Dave, and didn’t they do well.

A strong start for the Atoms pushed us into a 5 or 6 goal lead after about 15 minutes, M. Fraysse scoring quite a few early on.  And it carried on like that really.  Lots of good shooting, and very solid defence from Abingdon, and some unlucky stuff from Lakers.

The second half was more even, with more Lakers shots going in, but a comfortable victory for the Atoms in the White Horse Dome of Pain.

Well played to Dave and Gerrard who played well in such illustrious company, and scored 5 between them.


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