Abingdon Atoms (1) 19 – 16 Oxford City (1) and Abingdon Atoms (2) 19 – 2 Oxford City (3)

It feels like flippin’ ages since Abingdon played any sort of korfball match! But back in action we were today at St. Greg’s, the “home of korfball”, and in treat for the spectators today was a much anticipated clash for Abingdon 1 against Oxford City 1, with Abingdon 2 following on against Oxford City 3 afterwards.

So then, the battle for 4th place in Divison 1 was soon under way, and what’s this? Caroline Scott was back in town! Good to see you korfball mum 🙂 Anyway, a high paced match with skill shown on both sides, and a nip-and-tuck first half was the result. A bit of Girl-Wonder, a nice long shot sunk early. A bit of Boy-Wonder from the penalty spot, calmness personified as the ball elegantly dipped over the rim of the basket on more than one occasion. And what was this? Damien-time? Non monsieur! A long shot of the finest quality, tres bien from Monsieur Fraysse.

But Oxford City were far from out of this, quality evenly spread around all their players, with most looking threatening from all ranges. Tough defence was required throughout, and Abingdon dug in. More Girly-Goodness from the penalty spot, and Bhairavi did her Madame-Houdini trick once again, somehow sneaking under the unsuspecting arm of her defender to net a lovely goal. A bit of the old Scotty magic was in town too, a nice effort from her found the basket.

10-10 at half time, and the intake of water was very much required, this match could have gone any way. But City were determined to give this a go, and they cranked the pressure up. Abingdon tempers were starting to fray. A sulk here, a spat-out dummy there… But soon after it was Baerbel-time. Once to her, classy as always against a tough opponent. The Catalan-express, well you can never keep him down can you. Happy that this match was not being played during siesta time, and also up against a tough defender, but found just enough space to slot away two delightful goals. But alas City were still on our tails, 14-14 and then suddenly 15-14 ahead! Would we have enough class to pull it back?

Yes, just enough… fortunately there was some French, Catalan, Indian and good old Best-of-British gas left in the Abingdon tank. Monsieur Fraysse, another long shot extraordinaire. Korfy-mum-Caroline, BOOM once more. Bhairavi-Houdini, more sneaky-sneaky-under-army goodness, and a Beavan 6th of the afternoon finished the scoring, a hard earned 19-16 win was the final result! Much to the delight of Mummy and Step-Daddy Buckley, there to watch a korfball match for the first time ever, and claimed that their motivational half time words of “we haven’t come all this way to see you lose, so make sure you win ;-)” were the key inspiration behind us pulling the result out of the bag in the second half 🙂

So then, Abingdon 2’s turn to exhibit some class against Oxford City 3. And goodness me, it was clear early on that the result was never going to be in doubt, but just by how many? Off they went, and Nimble-Nigel, after passing over baby-sitting duties to Caroline was soon on the scoresheet, 1-0. Ginger-Ninja, no-one can keep him down, one to him! Johnty-Toes at the other end, running everywhere excitably as always, one to him. Limping Laurence, a naughty one-handed effort, and then another equally as naughty, two goals for him. Shirlaine! Fantastic-Fasanya in on the action, skinning her lady left right and centre, one to her too. And well, who else scored first half? Tremendous-Tayebeh, one for her, and Bingers-The-Scamperer skinned her lady, a lovely long shot sunk. Other exciting things happened without reply, and a very healthy 10-0 half time scoreline was had.

Second half, and Shirlaine was going through a bit of a purple patch. Not giving an inch in defence, that competitive streak was out on display for all to see, and in attack well she was was running her lady ragged! And it wasn’t long, one smart move too many and BOOM, another to her. More Toes-and-Ginger double act action, one to John and a splattering of overheads and runners-in from Ninja saw him bag a few. Nimble-Nigel wasn’t having a bad afternoon either, repeatedly popping up and sinking long shots for fun, a few more for him and the Abingdon goal machine motored on…

Splendid-Shirlaine’s purple patch showed no signs of stopping, and her finest afternoon ever in an Abingdon shirt was complete when she smartly shot straight from collect with her defender nowhere to be seen, three to her for the afternoon.

Final “special mention” for Lazy-Laurence. Caught napping on many an occasion with some lathargic defending, and as a result conceded both of the Oxford City 3 goals. Laurence Laurence Laurence…

Despite Mr. Lazy, a superb 19-2 win was the final result, completing a very impressive 38 Abingdon goals in two matches this afternoon, well played all! 🙂


Abingdon 2: 1st March vs Oxford Unit 2 (16:15)
Abingdon 3: 1st March vs Oxford Isis 2 (18:45)
Abingdon 1: 22nd March vs Oxford Isis 1 (17:30)

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