Abingdon Atoms (3) 5 – 15 Oxford Uni (2)

Just the one match at St. Greg’s this afternoon, Abingdon 3 tasked with a real toughie against Oxford Uni 2. The students had three matches back-to-back and had beaten Oxford City 2 earlier in the day, and so making full use of their 3 team 1 play-downs, there was pace and accuracy in healthy dollops within the opposition ranks.

Team news, and with the Tessella annual dinner lasting into the wee small hours of this morning, it appears that a certain Gerard Kerr can’t handle his alcohol… *cough*, a late withdrawal from him. But mocking Gerrrrd aside, a very special mention to Lyndsey Atkins! A handful of training sessions so far, but here she was donning the bright orange shirt and taking part in her very first match!

So then, referee Gaz kicked us off, and a steady start to the match, things appeared well matched. Lazy-Laurence was battling a touch of man-flu this afternoon, but managed to find just a glimmer of express pace to sneak a one-hander in under the basket to get Abingdon off the mark, a nice goal. Alas 2 Uni goals was the response, and 2-1 it stayed for a good while. Sumptuous-Shirlaine had a tough opponent, but snuck away a couple of close efforts that wouldn’t drop. Dave “Timotei-hair-advert” Plummer, full of cunning and guile as always sneaked up with a couple of nice efforts. Alas, Uni found the net next, 3-1 to them.

Despite the back-to-back matches, those damn uni legs seem to stay fresh forever, and they kept their tempo high, causing us problems getting the ball out of defence on a few occasions, and alas the Uni goals steadily crept upwards, up to 5 now. Step up Amazing-Arantxa! Having had an earlier goal disallowed for travelling (apparently you’re not allowed to take 5 steps in a row), she made amends and with a quick twirl, a running-in shot was completed, nicely done! A puff of the whistle from Gaz, and half time saw a scoreline of 5-3 to Oxford Uni.

Half time toweling-off complete and refreshments guzzled, it was time for more korfing action! And our debutant “Lively-Lyndsey” was doing a great job putting her newly acquired skills to good effect, keeping her Uni girl very quiet in defence, and in attack, collecting, passing it round and getting into feed at the other end, top stuff Atkins!

Golden-arm McGowan was having a tough time against his pacy boy, chances were few and far between for our Abingdon 3 goal machine. Nimble-Nigel was struggling too, opportunities but alas no collect on a number of occasions, so no shot…

Her Geordiness! Full of northern-awesomeness as always, and despite being all SMOKA’d out from the earlier match in the day, she took good care of Lyndsey at her end, and also dealt very well with an excellent Dutch girl in the last 10 minutes of the match. Our Queen-of-the-North was rewarded eventually, and against the uber-Dutch, a delightful and very classy long shot dropped effortlessly inside the yellow ring. And what’s good for one hard worker is good for another, Nimble-Nigel was finally rewarded with a goal of his own, the Abingdon total now on 5.

Amazing-Arantxa was up to her old tricks again, and another disallowed goal was unfortunately the result of another lovely running-in effort. Those twinkling feet again, the intricate footwork may impress the cast of River Dance, alas korfball referees see things very differently. Never mind, next time Arantxa! πŸ™‚ Lyndsey was also learning her game groove, and skinned her defender twice, alas the feed couldn’t find the pass that would give her a running-in attempt, but those opportunities were created, so nice work again πŸ™‚

Alas, despite all this promise, goals win matches and the Oxford Uni machine was in full flow this afternoon, well oiled and some lovely long shots sunk in nicely for them in between a medley of other nice efforts. Their final total was a healthy one, and at the final whistle the score was a 15-5 win to Oxford Uni 2. Good effort from all Abingdon 3 players, but this was Oxford Uni’s day.


Please all pay attention because we need LOTS OF PEOPLE next weekend (Sunday 15th March). Not only do Abingdon 2 and Abingdon 3 have matches against other clubs, it’s also the Abingdon 2 vs Abingdon 3 local derby! Always a fun occaison πŸ™‚

16:15 – Abingdon Atoms 3 vs Oxford City 3
17:30 – Abingdon Atoms 2 vs Oxford Isis 2
18:45 – Abingdon Atoms 3 vs Abingdon Atoms 2

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