Abingdon Atoms (3) 10 – 7 Oxford City (3), Abingdon Atoms (2) 13 – 2 Oxford Isis (2) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 5 – 20 Abingdon (2)

So then the ticker-tape parade around Abingdon is complete! Fans lined the streets 5-deep just to get a glimpse of their Abingdon 2 heroes as they were paraded round on an open top bus with Division 2 tropy held aloft. With the dust settled and street cleaners mopping up, here’s how yesterday afternoon unfolded…

Step aside Abingdon 2, first up were Abingdon 3, ever improving as the season goes on. Their foe were Oxford City 3, also in the “ever improving” category, so a tough encounter was expected, and it didn’t disappoint. Team news: Crafty-Caroline Scott filled in to make up the girly numbers, and after an excellent first match last week, Lyndsey Atkins was back for more!

Off they went, and Abingdon 3 were flowing nicely straight away. It wasn’t long before the goal tally kicked off, and before we knew it Abingdon 3 were 4-0 up. Dastardly-Dave Plummer, a one-handed running-in shot and a nice finish. Crafty-Caroline! Full of cunning and guile, a nice bit of trickery and a goal to her, still got it girl 😉 Gerrrd! The Irish Express was motoring everywhere as always, and one burst of pace was too much for his defender, an exquitisite finish from him. And what’s this? Dastardly-Dave was at it again, two to him in no time!

Alas Oxford City 3 are no pushovers, and with pace in their ranks along with ever improving shooting ability, they dug in, suddenly it was 4-2.

Nimble-Nigel! A classy fella whatever the occasion, it wouldn’t be long before one of those long shots dropped, and so it came to be, 5-2 to Abingdon 3, and half-time drinkies were upon us.

Second half, off we went, and my-my, what did Dastardly-Dave have for breakfast?! Another goal to him! I have a theory actually, Dave’s ability to score is inversely proportional to the length of his hair. But with his flowing locks as short as we’ve seen before, “The Timotei Express” was skinning his boy left right and centre.

City 3 however were stirred into life, goals clawed back, exuberant celebrations and suddenly it was 6-5! Bums-a-squeakin’ on the sidelines…

Golden Arm McGowan to the rescue! Hard work all afternoon, BOOM, one to him. Crafty-Caroline, those new-mummy-legs suddenly found a burst of pace, and a classy running-in effort was bagged. Gerrrrrd netted a lovely second, but a City goal meant a lead of 9-7.

Korfball is not all about attack, good defence is crucial too. And so special mention to Lydnsey, now learning to react to calling and doing a sterling job. But notably, she was hot on her defender when it counted, as two goals scored by her opponent were both disallowed for being defended, so nice work Lively-Lyndsey!

Final word has to go to Dave! The Timotei Express wasn’t done, and a 4th of the afternoon for him and his flowing locks meant a 10-7 win to Abingdon 3, well played everyone 🙂

So then, Abingdon 2’s turn, and with City 2 beating Didcot 2 earlier in the day, the chase for the championship was on! Stood in their way were Isis 2…

First up it was my favourite korf-sket-baller, Tremedous Tayebeh! And living up to her reputation, she was hot out of the blocks this afternoon, two lovely running-in shots were finished very nicely indeed. And Abingdon 2’s experience over the developing Isis 2 team was telling, one way traffic in the first half. Alex Girl had stepped in to help with girly numbers, and she couldn’t resist a cheeky couple of moves against her girl, a couple of nice goals to her.

Meanwhile John’s toes were twinkling as always! Up against the experienced Martin H, but still managed to sneak away a couple of fine efforts. Meanwhile Lazy-Laurence has worked out a way of scoring goals using the least amount of energy possible. Camp under the post, wait for your defender to not quite be defending you, then using one hand, pop it in. BANG BANG, two to him, and a one-sided scoreline of 8-0 at the interval.

Second half, and, well, more of the same really. In between two Isis goals, Ginger-Ninja Andrew (having turned up late for the match *COUGH*), was up against an equally athletic boy, and a good tussle was had. But he managed to sneak away one nice effort. Otherwise a couple of other tallies from the first hand were boosted. Two more to Toes, one more to Girly, and one more to Lazy, nice efforts all round.

Totted up on the score sheet, that meant a thoroughly convincing 13-2 win to Abingdon 2, well played all!

Now then, the big one! Not only Abingdon 2 vs Abingdon 3, a derby match of epic proportions in its own right, but if Abingdon 2 won then the league title would be theirs! But no so fast chaps, Abingdon 3 were determined to do well in their toughest encounter of the season. Team news, Bhairavi stepping into the girl gap in Abingdon 2, meanwhile Baerbel stepped into the girl gap in Abingdon 3, and with Nigel having to depart earlier, Gorka and I between us filled in the boy gap in Abingdon 3.

Team tactics, and, well, how would Abingdon 3 stop the Abingdon 2 machine? My team talk advice was “pull the girls’ hair and make them cry, hold on to Anna’s amazing arms to stop her using then, step on two of John’s toes, push Andrew over a lot and call him slow, make Laurence run and tire him out, and tell Juan-Mi that it’s siesta time”.

With that excellent advice ringing in everyone’s ears, we were off! And, well, by giddy Aunt, Abingdon 2 were out of the traps quickly. In a bit of a blur, Abingdon 2 were 6-0 up and motoring. After just the single goal in the previous match, Ginger-Ninja was determined to make up for it, a couple to him. Anna-ArmsGemi! Taking no prisoners, she hola’d past her defender, reached for the sky, and in! And again! 2 to her… Tremendous Tayebeh, bouncing around as always, onto the score sheet. Jumping-Juan-Mi! A pesky springy jack-in-the-box, Gerrard was doing a fine job against him, but you just can’t keep him down, one to him.

But Abingdon 3 have a never-say-die spirit, and on they plugged manfully! Movement was nice at both ends. Despite the tough opposition, Abingdon 3 were managing to play “The Beavan way”, and with more finishing luck could have had several goals. Golden arm Rich! You can always count on him, he opened the Abingdon 3 scoring with a nice long shot. Classy Baerbel, one to her too, and Abingdon 3 were up to 2.

On the Abingdon 2 machine rolled. Ginger-Ninja, more to him, despite Richard McGowan’s fine fine efforts against him, the personal tally does not do Richard’s defending justice. IN fact the ladies were having a nice time at this moment. Bhairavi! Our Indium-Express got onto the score sheet, one to her. Tremendous-Tayebeh was… well… tremendous! Two more to her, and a personal tally of 4 which is not to be scoffed at.

Anna ArmsGemi! Arms of gold, our miniature express-lette was on fire this afternoon. I have a theory about Anna, she is best at the start and end of the season when the temperature is at its mildest. If we played all league matches in June and July, she’d be unstoppable… anyway, she certainly was that today! 2 more and also a personal tally of 4 goals, well played!

But Abingdon 3 were not giving up! And another mention for Dave “Timotei Express” Plummer, surely having his finest ever afternoon in Abingdon colours. On more than one occasion he competed excellently with Laurence and won the collect, showing that position beats height, and then only went and top scored for Abingdon 3, two lovely goals for him and personal tally for the whole afternoon of 6 goals, nice one Plummer! 🙂

Gorka subbed on for me at half time, and decided to add another goal, the Abingdon 3 tally up to 5 now. But this was nothing against a hungry Abingdon 2 outfit, determined to win the league in style. Who haven’t I mentioned yet? John Toe-motani! Kept as quiet as Gorka and I could manage for 60 minutes, but still one nice goal to him. Jumping-Jiminez, another firecracker goal to him (the siesta team talk trick didn’t seem to have worked, he was very lively for 60 minutes!) Only one lady left in Abingdon 2 to get on the scoring sheet… Bingers The Scamperer! And yes, one scamper too many did for her defender, a lovely move out and pass, long shoot, BOOOOOM, one to her and so goals for each and every Abingdon 2 player.

Final result, and excellent effort from Abingdon 3 which bodes very well for the future, but an excellent 20-5 win to Abingdon 2, and with it the Division 2 league title. Well played everyone! 🙂


Abingdon 3’s final league match is next weekend, so turn out in force A3 and make it a good one! Also Abingdon 1 in action just beforehand:

22nd March: 17:30 Abingdon 1 vs Isis 1
22nd March: 18:45 Abingdon 3 vs Isis 2
29th March: 15:00 Abingdon 1 vs Didcot 1
29th March: 16:15 Abingdon 2 vs Didcot 2

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