Abingdon Atoms (1) 7 – 5 Oxford Isis (1) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 15 – 6 Oxford Isis (2)

Abingdon 1 and Abingdon 3 up this afternoon at St. Greg’s, taking on both Isis teams. Contrasting matches indeed…

Up first were Abingdon 1, and with one girl unavailable, team news was super exciting. With all Abingdon 2 girls unavailable this weekend, Abingdon 3’s Geordie superstar Chrissie was parachuted all the way up to Team 1!

Off we went, and the familiar feeling playing against Isis was telling during the first 15 minutes. Lots of both sides cancelling each other out, 0-0 for a lengthy period with defenders winning the battles. Some good moments by Abingdon 1, moving the play around nicely, but alas finishing touches were absent from our shooting fingers.

Fortunately an Abingdon attack resulted in a foul, and Girlie netted a nice penalty, 1-0. And 1 became 2, Bhairavi the little tinker snuck under her girl’s arm in a now trade-mark move, smooth arm action and we were 2 up.

Switcheroo and well, more hard work for both attacks, again defences were on top throughout. The capacity crowd on the sidelines were beginning to yawn… Fortunately Boy Wonder woke them all up with a tremendous long shot from quite far out, it may have taken a lick of paint off the St. Gregory’s roof at the top of its arc. Gorka up against a very springy pest, was doing well and got away a nice effort, 4-0 up but the war wounds were starting to show.

Bhairavi Patel was having a not too shabby afternoon, and after a nifty side feed the Indium Express had bagged her second of the afternoon, fluid arms again on display. Curses, an Isis goal condeded, 5-1 the score…

All around once again, and attack was akin to cycling through treacle at times, lots of effort for little reward, but on we plugged… fortunately you can never keep Boy Wonder off the scoresheet, and two more delightful goals were sunk to take Abingdon into a slightly flattering 7-1 lead.

Second half, and well, not a lot to say, we proper struggled in attack, with Isis players well drilled in dropping back to intercept feed attempts and tracking us well around the outside. Many shots were put up, but the Abingdon radar was just a bit squiffy, lots of awkward bounces off the top of the basket, and everyone guilty on occasions of poor shooting meant a gluttony of one-shot attacks. Defence manfully ploughed on for lengthy periods, Girlie ran herself ragged against the nippy Annalise, meanwhile Damien kept the ever-dangerous Paul at bay.

But would you believe it, no Abingdon goals were sunk during the second half, meanwhile Isis clocked up 4 more. At the last, Baerbel thought she had broken our duck with a lovely long shot right at the end, but alas it was not given (not sure of the reason).

Much blood, sweat and tears left on the pitch, but job just about done, a low scoring 7-5 win to Abingdon 1.

So then, could Abingdon 3 fare better against an Isis 2 unit? Team news, and rather excitingly, recent beginner Leanne was playing in her first ever match today! Which of course means for reporting purposes I need another nickname adjective beginning with L… *thinks hard*…

Whistle blown, and Abingdon 3 were off like lightening! Talking of lightening, Gerrrd was motoring round the pitch with his usual gusto, and it wasn’t long before a foul resulted in an Abingdon penalty. Cool as an early morning frost in January, Gerard netted successfully, 1-0.

Shirlaine Fasanya! Proper little firecracker she was this afternoon, nipping about faster than the electrons surrounding the atom on her Abingdon top. Whizzing in at top speed, a lovely running-in shot was the result, 2-0.

Arantxa had toiled well, but it was rolling sub time with 5 Abingdon 3 ladies present (6 if you include Chrissie who played for Abingdon 1 today, how crazy are those lady numbers?!), and it was time for the big moment… the entrance of the debutant, “Lightening Leanne”! And straight into the action she was, some fluid post work meant she helped keep a few Abingdon attacks going nicely.

There must be have been something in the air in the female changing rooms this afternoon, because our laydeez were smokin’! It wasn’t only Fantastic-Fasanya, Super-Sarah got in on the action too, and snuck past her defender on a number of occasions, one dropping nicely to give her a goal. But we’re not done there, no siree, Katie-the-Greatie was also smokin’! Not once but twice she twinkled her toes to great effect, and amongst several other changes converted two goals of her own, nice work KT!

The boys decided it was then time to chip in on the scoring sheet, and well well, for Dave Plummer the end of the season has come at precisely the wrong moment, the lad is on fire these days, thus strengthening my argument that The Timotei Express is at his optimum efficiency when the hair is at eye line level. BANG, a couple of goals to him. Anything he can do, Damien Tyler can do too! Hair certainly not at eye level, but even sporting a much more trim coiffeur, BANG BANG and a double brace to Mr. T also.

4 Isis goals conceded in the first half meant a solid 9-4 lead at the whistle.

Motivational stuff by Coach Beavan and they were off again! Alas a little wobble, 3 Isis goals on the trot and suddenly 9-7 was getting a tad close. All aboard the Irish Express! Gerrrrd, number 2 of the afternoon bagged, another ice-cool penalty. End of the line, all change please and board the Timotei Express! Dave bagged his third of the afternoon, a one handed spectaculaire sailing in. Mr. T pitied da fool dat marked him too tightly, and Damien T nipped in with a touch of pace reminiscent of his younger korfball days, number 3 of the afternoon for him. The lead now 13-6 after a couple of Isis goals…

Special mention for Lightening-Leanne on her debut, defended by the very experienced Debbie and so life was always going to be tough for her. Nevertheless, good veers, passed it nicely, kept the Abingdon attack going, some more good post work, and even getting into feed a couple of times, top stuff after only a few weeks of korfball!

What was left? Golden arm Rich worked hard all afternoon, and the reward was a long shot, one to him. Finally, Her Geordiness! After pleading with Coach Beavan because she was “well missin’ ‘er A3 mates man”, she was allowed a 5 minute run-out right at the end. Better score quickly then, BOOM! A lovely long shot to finish the Abingdon 3 scoring , and a jolly excellent 15-6 win was the result, well played everyone 🙂

In fact, as this is the last Abingdon 3 match of the season and with many players in their first season with the club, it has been a mighty fine effort all round with a record that says won 5, drew 1 and lost 6. Highlights include a narrow 5-8 loss to the experienced Didcot 2 very early in the season, and a narrow 6-7 loss and then a 7-7 draw with Oxford City 2 is certainly not to be sniffed at! Then thumping wins against Oxford City 3 and Isis 2, 17-2 and 10-1 respectively. However, the crowning moment has to be the 12-11 win against Didcot 2, who due to numbers have to play down a number of Didcot 1 players for most matches. The result being an excellent 24 points altogether, well done to everyone who has played for Abingdon 3 throughout the season 🙂


Sun 29th March: Abingdon 2 vs Didcot 2 (15:00)
Sun 29th March: Abingdon 1 vs Didcot 1 (16:15)

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