Abingdon Atoms (2) 17 – 5 Didcot Dragons (2) and Abingdon Atoms (1) 26 – 8 Didcot Dragons (1)

The end of the indoor season is nigh, and a Didcot double header was the korfball feast served up at St. Greg’s this afternoon. With Abingdon 2 playing their penultimate game first against Didcot 2, Abingdon 1 would then bring the curtain down on their season with their game against Didcot 1. How would our orange army do against the maroon army?

Abingdon 2 team news, a few vacancies meant Gerrrrrrd and Shirlaine were given a good run out, and wiping the looking-after-kiddies sleep away from her eyes was Caroline Scott, given the chance to continue de-rusting those korfy skills after much of the season on the sidelines.

So then, referee Gaz blasted the starting siren, and A2 were away! Kind of. A steady start in 3rd gear actually, and after 15 minutes it was a ticking-along 3-3. Lazy-Laurence has developed a rather cunning nack of being under the post at just the right time (with time for a quick nap if he’s lucky), a one-handed effort nicely finished. Meanwhile sleep-deprived Caroline is still a crafy old fox even when running on empty, a couple of superb finishes from her kick started her goal tally for the afternoon.

From 3rd gear to 4th, Abingdon 2 begun to find more of a rhythm now, and more fluid play was the result. Catalan Fire-Cracker Juan-Mi was in menacing mood today, certainly not making any Didders friends but as usual flashed up nicely in lots of useful places, a lovely goal to him. Ginger-Ninja, up to his usual tricks and a nice finish, one for him. Sleep-Deprived-Scotty, what did Nigel put in your cuppa this morning? He should continue doing it, because whatever it was, Crafty-Caroline was at it again, with the help of a napping defender scored a couple of close efforts under the basket. A Tremendous-Tayebeh spectaculaire brought the curtain down on the first half, the score 8-5 to Abingdon 2.

After a Churchillian-esque motivational Boy speech at half time (“I’ve run out of things to say, go and practice shooting or something”), Abingdon 2 finally spluttered into top gear (not to be confused with the recently departed BBC presenter), and managed to concede NO GOALS in the half, which is an excellent defensive effort. However in attack…

Half time sub, Ninja off, Toes on, and John was his usual effervescent self, bubbling nicely and causing mischief at every turn. One goal the result to him. Laurence and Juan-Mi, one tall and likes naps, the other short and likes siestas (you decide which is which), but the end result is just as excellent, both adding 2 goals to their tally and each finishing on 3 for the afternoon. Gerrrd! If John is effervescent, Gerard is positively boiling over, express place a plenty as usual, and his reward was one shiny Abingdon 2 goal, very nice! Tremendous-Tayebeh scored another.. well.. tremendous one, leaving the final word to…

Sleep-Deprived-Scotty! Caroline, I might start ringing you in the middle of the night if this is what it does to you on a korfball pitch. Not 1, not 2, but THREE more goals this half, giving her an excellent personal tally of 6 goals in the match, the result being a thoroughly convincing 17-5 win to Abingdon 2, well played everyone 🙂

Change of ref, change of boys and girls in orange and maroon, and it was time for Abingdon 1 to take on Didcot 1. Team news, and Monsieur Le Fraysse was absent aujourd’hui (maybe he fancied going on strike or something), so our infamous double act of Toes-and-Ginger were also given half each in this match. No Baerbel meant Anna ArmsGemi was also promoted from A2.

Battle commenced, and Abingdon 1 are developing a “slow starters” label at the moment. Changes in personnel meant both sides were not working so well, and the scoreline read 2-2 early doors, a couple of excellent early Beavan long shots sparing us from going behind. A distinctly 2nd gear performance so far. However, 6th gear was fortunately just around the corner…

… because the flood-gates quite simply opened wide! My accuracy in reporting who scored when is usually pretty rubbish, but I ain’t got a scoobies of remembering this jolly lot. In between the goal fest, Didcot scored 8. For a change, let’s go down the players in turn:

Anna-the-Arms! Kept tabs on well by an experienced Didcot lady, used all her experience to manfully defend her, and passed it round nicely in attack. No goals for those lovely arms today (perhaps still jet-lagged after the work trip to Boston), but a solid contribution.

Alex Ford! Girlie girlie girlie… we’ll gloss over an early penalty miss (but thank you for showing the rest of us that you’re not perfect all the time), because a healthy 4 goals were netted. A couple of nice runners, maybe a long shot, and one other, nice one Girl Wonder!

Bhairavi Patel! Fluid play from our Indium-Express, always in a good place for a pass at the right time. Several near misses, but beautiful arm action shown on a running in shot, one goal to the tally in amongst several other close efforts.

Susie Speller! Another korfball mum, not quite so sleep deprived as Crafty-Caroline, but nevertheless on song today. If I remember correctly, Super-Sooz scored a pair of fine long shots, and was generally an all round good egg this afternoon (appropriate with Easter just around the corner), nice one Sooz!

Gorka! Temper control, 5 out of 10 this afternoon (mostly calm, with only a minor spat with referee Pete Sage tarnishing the spirit-of-korfball). However, goal scoring from the Catalan Express was 10 out of 10, a healthy 4 goals netted with the help of a few crafty side feeds from his attacking chums, and excellent intercepts in defence keeping the Didcot chances few and far between, well played Sir.

John O! Twinkling toes as always, a second half performance saw 2 nice goals netted, and pesky as usual in defence, nice work squire.

Me! Just the one goal amongst several assists, a long range effort falling nicely, but used all 6 foot 3 inches of height and resulting “Mr Tickle arm span” to be a nuisance both under the post and cutting out diagonal Didcot balls.

Andrew Rogers! A first half run-out for him, and two lovely long shots fell nicely, showing other sides to his game that complement his devastating running-in shot powers. Another excellent pest in defence, quick reflexes keeping his attacker humble.

But final word this afternoon has to go to Coach Beavan. Yes Alex truly deserves the Boy-Wonder title today, with a personal tally of 10 (yes that’s T-E-N) goals to his name! And not “just” penalties before you ask, only 2 were those, meaning the other 8 were a lovely combination of deadly accurate long shooting and some nice running-in efforts. Well played Coach!

Well then everybody, get your calculators out, carry the 10, don’t forget to show your working and what was the result? A whopping 26-8 win to Abingdon 1, and a fine effort all round, well played everybody and that caps off a solid season for Abingdon 1. Although finishing 4th in the league behind Southampton, Basingstoke and Farnborough, we can claim the “best in actual Oxfordshire” award for the second season running (and we’ll deal with those beastly southern teams next season…) 🙂


It’s all Abingdon 2 now, including the very important play-off matches:

Sunday 26th April: A2 vs OU2
Sunday 10th May: OKA PLAYOFFS (A2 vs D1 and SC1, not necessarily in that order)

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