Abingdon Atoms (3) 4 – 13 Didcot Dragons (1)

Abingdon 3 were up this afternoon at the Oxfordshire Korfball Centre of Excellence that is St. Gregory’s school. Let’s get straight into team news shall we…

Girlies were Shirlaine, Frances, Chrissie with Bingers stepping in from A2 to help out. Boysies were Gary, Gerard, Rich and…. well knock me down with a feather duster, from the darkest shadows in the deepest recess of Abingdon korfball club, out for a joust today was the lesser spotted DAMIAN TYLER! Good to see you “Mr. T” 🙂

PEEP went refsie’s whistle, and off Abingdon 3 trotted. Now then the good part, defence was looking good, people clearly taking on board their newly acquired knowledge from training earlier in the week, scoring was tough for Didcot early on, although they did go 2-0 up eventually to get themselves off the mark.

How were Abingdon 3 doing in attack? Err… we’ve made better starts to games, making a bit of a horlicks of things up front unfortunately, many passes attempted that were just a bit too loopy and a bit too cute, the result being that many attacks were crumbling quicker than a biscuit that’s been dunked too long in a cup of tea. Not at an alarming rate, but a steady trickle of Didcot goals kept popping in, a scoreline of 7-0 to them at half time.

Now then, talk about enthusiasm from the ranks during the interval! In particular a pumped up and keen Gerard was well up for a much improved second half, and so the first 30 minutes were chalked down to experience and on Abingdon 3 pressed…

PEEP again for the second half, and Rich “Golden Arm” McGowan demonstrated his class immediately. A nifty shift into feed from Her Geordiness, and Rich was nipping round his man beautifully, arms lofted high, 7-1 and Abingdon 3 were finally off the mark!

In fact everyone’s attacking was much better second half. “Mr. T” Damian hadn’t played in ages, and after moving with the ease of a pensioner on a winter’s morning in the first half, the man was well nimble during the second half. Bingers scampering into feed this time, and a cheeky quick pass was finished by the lightening pace of Mr. T, finishing a running-in effort marvelously.

A few more Didcot goals dropped in here and there, a few fouls given away meant penalty conversions topped up a few of their nice long shots, but on soldiered Abingdon 3. And Rich was flying now, skinning his marker he was met with the full illegal force of Didcot contact on those golden arms. Penalty, thank you very much, 3 to Abingdon 3! And with attacking confidence high, several nice shots from many people went oh so close. In particular Gary put up several lovely efforts, and Gerard was having a very fine second half too, several nice long efforts and a dose of lovely running-in attempts too. Geordie was doing very well for her team mates under the post against a taller girl helping to keep the attacks going, and Shirlaine was getting into some nice shooting positions too and putting up some good efforts.

But just to complete his showing off for the afternoon, Rich scored another lovely effort getting himself into a nice position to complete a short range shot, a very well deserved hat-trick and 3 out of the 4 Abingdon goals to fall into the korf this afternoon, the final scoreline 13-4 to Didcot 1, with Frances impressing the Didcot ranks enough to earn their MVP vote on the match form.

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