Atoms (3) 6 – 2 Reading (1)

A strong A3 team had trouble coming to terms with Reading Uni in the first half.  Lots of chances, not so many goals.

2 goals from Juan-Miguel were all that we saw before the half-time oranges, with 1 goal from Reading it was looking quite close.

A brief flurry of goals at the start of the second half effectively but the game to bed with some nice feeding from Frances to set Dave up for a runny shot or two.

In fact the second half was a lot better all round, much better front defence from the likes of Lyndsey and Rich and in attack we started shooting long, recycling the ball and looking for drop-off shots.

Why you might be thinking why we didn’t win by more, missed penalities is the answer, I think I counted 4 misses from the spot from a variety of people.  None of which were Chris Waddle, but there is a picture here for Italia ’90 fans_74115757_waddle.  So we’ll be practising that sort of thing next week.



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