Abingdon Atoms (1) 17 – 20 Oxford City (1) and Abingdon Atoms (2) 4 – 25 Oxford City (1)

A double header against Oxford City 1 this afternoon for A1 and A2. Up first, A1…

Team news: the full BeavGorkDamBuck quartet of boys, with Girly and Bhairavi joined by Flash and Tayebeh to contest what is traditionally a rip-snorter of a game against City 1. Two narrow wins last year, but City have imported well from other clubs over the summer to go along with a fine string of existing players, and so this was to be a stern test for A1. And with the aid of the City twitter feed, a more in depth write-up than I could possibly conjure up from memory is presented to you here, given it was such a cracker.

BANG, the scoreline was 1-1 before you could say running-in-shot, very nice effort from Beavanshire. BANG, 2-1 to City, at this rate the match will finish 50-48… especially when two more City goals made it 4-1… fortunately some excellent Abingdon play moving the ball well induced some naughtiness in defence from City, contact, penalty, ta muchly said the Boy, 4-2. Switcheroo…

Bhairavi Galan! Our fairest of korfball maidens is having a super season, and here she was skinning her nippy City defender with elegance and class, finishing a lovely running in effort, 4-3. Meanwhile Damien was getting jealous of all this running-in action, and a lovely move caused a frightful traffic jam underneath the post (queues stacked back to the sports hall entrance), contact, penalty, Girl, BOOM, 4-4 and game on…

Goals were flying in, 6-4 to City, everyone was getting dizzy with the switching… and finally Damien was a happy bunny, skinning his marker to bag himself a fine effort. Alas goal at the other end, 7-5 to City…

Err the Abingdon details are a bit hazy here – let’s say Gorka got one now, yeah, that’s it, nice one Gorka! But the drip of City goals was as regular as the torrent of sweat cascading off my shirt, 8-6 to City. Switchy switchy… penalty (of Beavanshire class), penalty conceded and converted, 9-7 to City, around again…

Uh-oh! Two City goals certainly shook things up, 11-7 to City and daylight created. It all got a bit too much for Abingdon, so it was time for a few unintended injuries to spruce up the afternoon’s entertainment for the capacity crowd. Alex Girl’s eye managed to meet City Ruth’s fingers, and our-fair-maiden Bhairavi collided with Becca and was sent tumbling. With enquiries into well beings completed, our tough-as-old-boots ladies sternly carried on… more City goals but more excellent play saw penalty wins for Abingdon, and the Girl is simply a machine at the moment, converting them with the accuracy of an archer hitting the number 10 circle plumb in the centre. 13-11 to City… Switch…

Seriously City, all this scoring is just not cricket… 14-11, the effervescent Gaz now on (just what tired French legs wanted to see) and netting a quick one. Alas I lost my man for a moment, and a converted long shot made it 15-11. Girlie then scored a tremendous long shot, 15-12, cancelled out by a City goal, 16-12, all change please… Flash was then… well, “Flashy” at the other end and slotted home a nice one, 16-13. Then 17-13… was the match slipping away?

NOT YET! A girlie long shot, BOOM, 17-14. Then a Matt running-in shot, 17-15, BOOM! End switch. And hello Gorka? The Catalan express suddenly grabbed a yard of space, 17-16! Drat, pesky City girls, 18-16 to them. Could we sneak it at the end?

GIRL ON FIRE! Long shot, converted! 18-17 to City… alas, 2 final goals to City meant a 20-17 loss, but a well earned bonus point against one of the best teams in the league, well played everyone – in particular Alex Girl scoring a whopping nine goals (4 in open play, 5 penalties), very good!

So then, what could A2 do against the City goal machine? Plummer, Hudson, Rogers and Van Boxel for the boys. The ladies? Not an A2 girl in sight! Playing up or absent, and so A1 Susie introduced her knee back into korfball along with Her Geordiness, KTP and Piri-Piri-Kiri from A3.

Off they went, and City were soon 3-0 up, flood gates looked like opening wide. However Abingdon 2 have resolve and courage this season, battle hardened by encounters against distinctly tougher opposition this season than last; Laurence does have a killer long at times, and after a close miss in sunk an absolute beauty. 3-1 and change of ends.

Ninja! We haven’t seen too much of those giant Andrew hands finishing off running-in efforts produced by those giant Andrew footsteps, but up against one of the classiest players in the league (Deadly-Dave Ewing, formerly of Didcot) he nipped into a great position and finished a super effort, one to be proud of there, as was the scoreline, Abingdon 2 within touching distance of City 1 at 3-2 down!

Alas this was where any sort of closeness ended during the match, although Abingdon 2 were commendably playing the ball around very nicely given the make-up of the squad. In particular Katie P was having an excellent day, looking quite at home in Division 1 and finding herself plenty of shooting opportunities in attack whilst doing a great job keeping her girl quiet in defence. Piri-Piri-Kiri was everywhere too, tasked with the tough job of keeping tabs on City Ruth she was battling hard. And Mr. Tickle-Arms Van-Boxel was pinging everywhere like the ball during a squash match, several shots put up from all shorts of locations. Alas Abingdon 2 are struggling to find the korf just at the moment, even some close in efforts just not dropping – Delightful Dave Plummer was craftily springing up in all sorts of useful places, but alas no killer finish. 11-2 to City at half time.

Onward into the second half, more City goals despite hard work from Abingdon 2. Susie’s knee seemed to be holding up ok (well we couldn’t hear any cracks from the sidelines anyhow), and Her Geordiness was the ultimate assister, I lost count of the number of excellent collects she got combined with cheeky moves to get into feed just in case her boys could nip round their players. Combined with some nice long shots, a nice all round effort Geordie!

So then, any more scoring? Yep, a penalty from Laurence, and…. I think also a penalty from Andrew, 2 each to those boys on the scoresheet, giving Abingdon a total of 4 altogether. City’s final total? Does it matter, everyone’s a winner, there are no losers, let’s focus on the…. oh very well, if you must know then it was 25 to City, a fine scoreline against any opposition, well played to them and well fought Abingdon 2!

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