Abingdon Atoms (2) 12 – 28 Southampton City (1) and Abingdon Atoms (1) 10 – 23 Southampton Uni (1)

ROAD TRIP TO SOUTHAMPTON!!! Such excitement… so much so that Frances brought along both knitting AND crochet with her (accidentally calling the latter “croquet” twice during the journey down – you had to be there…)

Anyway, another Southampton double away header, but this time roles reversed. First up A2 against Southampton City 1…

Boys: Ninja, Plummy-Dave, Van-Boxy-Boxel and stepping up from A3 was Golden-Arm McGowan. Girls: Scampery-Bingers joined by an A3 army! Her Geordiness, Light-Feet-Lyndsey and a rather hung over Frances after much alcohol consumed the night before 😛

Toot went Mr. Ref, and they were off. And man these division 1 teams are tough this year, many City goals popped through the korf… several Abingdon chances, close but no cigar. Far weaker mortals would have crumbled and died way before this point in the season, but our Abingdon 2 warriors have a never-give-up attitude which is certainly required this season, more spirit in them than an Irish man’s drinks cabinet! And soon the blood, sweat and tears were slowly starting to pay off, Dave “Timotei-Express” (elegant locks at medium length at present) was the man breaking Abingdon 2’s duck. Not once but twice he launched delightful shots towards the korf, the arc of a beautiful rainbow etched across the sports hall horizon before gracefully plopping down through the korf. And one lovely goal from our Ninja before half time, using those amazing giant hands and steps to somehow nip around his boy and bag a short range effort. Steven and those Mr. Tickle arms also seemed to be popping up all over the place as usual, umpteen shots put up thanks to a good pass and a quick decision to shoot, good stuff SVB! 14-3 to Southampton City at half time.

With Geordie and Bingery legs needing preserving before the next match, on came Alex Girl and Bhairavi for a 30 minute trundle after the break. And off we went. And I don’t think anyone will disagree with me saying, this was certainly “The Half of the Ninja”! After his immense tally of goals last season in the fairer pastures of Division 2, every team has clearly taken note and hence put their best first team boy on Andrew to try and keep him quiet. Life has thus been extremely tough for The Ninja so far this season. Safe to say, the shackles were well and truly blown to smithereens this afternoon! Not once, not twice, not thrice, not… er… fourice?… not fiveth, not six-ish, but SEVEN times (yes that’s S-E-V-E-N, bit like they used to do on the football results years ago in case you thought it was a mis-print) Andrew found the inner sanctum of the korf, a superb effort in Division 1 with a mix of close in finishes and lovely long shots, top stuff Ninja!

In non-Andrew related news, Golden-Arm McGowan bagged himself a nice goal, and Alex Girl got a cheeky little mark on the score sheet. So then, Abingdon 2 goals? 12 in total, a great tally in Division 1 this season. Southampton City? You don’t really want to know do you? No really… I’m not telling you… you can’t make me 28 DAMMIT! Well played everyone.

So then, a dash across town in the afternoon mizzle, and down in the infamous Southampton Uni dungeonous sports hall. Student onslaught imminent, and Gorka tasked with keeping young Dinesh quiet, a man who moves at the speed of light and scores goals with the accuracy of a sewer threading the eye of a needle. In fact they’re all well pacey and well accurate, Abingdon 1 would need to be on top form this evening! Boys: Me, Catalan, French, Boy. Girls: Girl, Bingers, Geordie, Ankles.

Were we in top form? Well… not quite. We tried and everything, and created some good chances at times, but it was also well tricky, and you know those afternoons where it just won’t drop for you? Our end were playing a jolly game, it really was quite tremendous – it was called “how many times can you ping the ball off the back of the korf so that it bounces away at an annoying angle into the arms of a Southampton defender”? A game with a rather long name apparently… we were rather good at it, but it didn’t help us keep attacks going for long. The going was tough at the other end too, opportunities were hard to come by, although both ends did manage some good moments, just lacking that killer finish that seems to be plaguing Abingdon teams at the moment. Quite a few to them, not too many to us at half time, with the scoreline a little one-sided to them given our efforts. Girl with a few, not sure about the other end.

Second half and on we battled, and with Alex Girl on fire at the moment, some boy support in various guises gave her a medley of running-in and long shot efforts against the excellent Emma from Southampton. Some good finishes in that lot polished off with a few of us winning a few penalties, and even a sumptuous free pass meant Girlie finished on a whopping 7 goals for the afternoon, tres-bien once again! At the other end, The Boy managed one, and despite Gorka’s defender sticking to him like glue, our star Catalan got two goals into the korf, a fine effort considering his opponent. On the sidelines Frances looked a bit cold huddled under a jumper, so in a switch with Bingers we subbed her on for her first ever A1 action to help warm her through before the return journey home.

So then, final score? The clinical Southampton Uni scored 23 goals to our 10, well played all. But that didn’t dampen spirits, a cheeky little dinner in Southampton for 4 of us before the return journey home. Well we couldn’t have a “hangry” Matt now could we? 😉

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