Atoms (3) 2 – 4 Oxford City (3)

Oh dear, a bit of a bore-fest at the St Gregs Wonder-Dome.

City took a 3-0 lead, about 20 minutes in.  Atoms then struck back with two quick goals (a beautiful running-in shot by Shirlaine and a penalty by Gerrard).

But those were the only goals for the Atoms, as the first 25 minutes of the second-half went entirely goalless, unfortunately City broke the deadlock and went 4-2 up.

Well defended by J-M, Gerrard, Katie and Frances who prevented City from scoring for so long.

And hard luck to the attack, who had some really promising attacks with 5 or 6 recycled collects, and a few slightly rubbish ones where the ball was given away.

Still, Atoms 3 have finished the year as the top 3rd team in the whole of Oxfordshire, roll-on 2016


A man snoozing at the Wonder-Dome

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