City (2) 21 – 6 Atoms (3)

A tough afternoon for the Best 3rd Team In The OKA™.  Turns out City 2 are really good this year.

So, a game of 3 halves, inspite of the coaches instructions Atoms 3 were slow to start the game, and before 10 minutes were up we were 6-0 down.  From there the Atoms played well for 30 minutes with goals from Chrissie, Shirlaine, JM, Frances, Nige and Gerrard, it was about 12-6 with 15 minutes left.

All a bit downhill from there as City found their shooting boots and pulled away.

I find it hard to believe that Gary didn’t score as well, must have hit the top of the basket 10 times with some great mid-range shooting, but nothing quite dropped.  Less hard to believe was the Kiri didn’t score, she was defended by a very experienced girl, but Kiri certainly collected excellently.

If Shirlaine’s calculations are correct then Atoms 3 have finished in the top half of the league, which means some tough games for the rest of the year.


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