Abingdon Atoms(1) 13 – 15 Farnborough Jets (1)

Atoms 1 vs Farborough 1! Always a feisty little ding-dong this one, last year we beat them by two goals and also lost to them by two goals. Yes arse-clenchingly close it usually is, and this afternoon’s spectacle was no less stressful for the blood pressures of the spectators on the sidelines (not to mention those of us on the pitch…)

Team news: Boy, Girl, Flash, Monsieur, Ninja, Bingers, Ankles and Yours Truly. Sorry, for the benefit of our newest member Karina who was watching on the sidelines (big welcome to the club!), that translates as Alex Boy, Alex Girl, Caroline, Damien, Andrew, Erica, Bhairavi and Matt. Alex Boy and Alex Girl also translates as Alex Beavan and Alex Ford. It’s well complicated in Abingdon… not helped by my love of nicknames…

Enough pre-match drivel… PLAY! And fast out of the traps was Girlie, on fire this season and nipping past her defender quicker than a gazelle on steroids! A runner-in to her and we were off and running. A Farnborough equaliser brought around a change of ends – you knew it was going to be THAT kind of afternoon…

Change of ends and stern defence was required against this pesky Farnborough brigade. Known for being a bit sloppy marking tight recently, a notable improvement by A1 this afternoon, Monsieur in particular closing down his boy well, as did Bhairavi on her lady too. The other end are to be commended too, Bingers keeping her lady on a tight leash for 60 minutes, and in particular Andrew gets a special mention, tasked with keeping the effervescent Ryan Ewing quiet (not an easy task, so much so that Gorka is usually tasked with the challenge), he did an excellent job.

Coach Beavanshire! A curiously quiet day for him, but a cheeky goal from his golden hands kept our scorecard ticking over, and on we marched. Over to Monsieur, and he still loves a cheeky little drop-of the shoulder every so often doesn’t he? Gets him out of bed on a Sunday morning… une runneur pour Monsier. Enter Bhairavi, the flower of the A1 team amongst the rest of us thorns! Her gracefulness had a delightful moment, the ball sailing from her dainty hands and whistling through the korf. A two goal lead, and a vital chink of daylight…

And it wasn’t long before Crafty-Caroline was getting in on the goal scoring act! Well up for it was our C-Scott, and “quick as a flash” (that one never gets old in my head…), our score was surging forwards. Alas Farnborough clung to our coat-tails, despite another Girlie-Goalie courtesy of a converted penalty. 8-6 at half time (maybe…)

A Beavan rabble-rousing half time speech sent us speeding back onto the pitch. It was then time for some GIRL POWER! Firstly Girlie was being her awesome self as usual, a lovely long-shot sailed in, followed up later by a cheeky running-in shot, giving her a total of 4 for the afternoon. Meanwhile Crafty-Caroline is a lady transformed since Christmas! Moving around the korfball court earlier in the season with the agility of a pensioner on a cold winter’s morning, this afternoon she was *HOT*! Two more fine goals also giving her a personal tally of 4 for the afternoon.

Enough of this girl power! Well, so said two of us boys anyway… yours truly got a cheeky close effort despite the long limbs of Ben Woods being in close proximity, and Ninja finally freed himself from the shackles of the nippy Ryan to bag himself one for the afternoon. 13-11 and even Her Geordiness was choking on her chips n’ gravy on the sidelines, such was the fever pitch excitement in the crowd…

Alas, we had come so far but it wasn’t to be. Disaster struck, and with 4 goals conceded on the bounce, 13-11 soon became 13-15, and it was like a dagger through the heart when shortly afterwards the final whistle blew 😦 Sad faces, but a well-earned bonus point against a very good team, there was much to take heart from in our performance, in particular with 7 out of 8 players getting their names onto the score sheet, so well played all and let’s smash’em in the re-match later this year! 🙂

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