Abingdon Atoms (3) 6 – 12 Oxford City (2)

Just the one match at St. Greg’s korf-drome this afternoon, and the mighty Abingdon 3 were up against the cream of Division 2 so far this year in City 2. Unbeaten and with plenty of goals being sunk on a regular basis, this would be the sternest of tests for A3.

Team news, and goodness me, legal by the skin of our teeth! Desperate times but with Blistering-Bhairavi, Speedy-Steven and Running-Rich’s golden arm playing down to fill gaps, the rest was made up of Lightening-Lyndsey, Jumping-Juan-Mi, Sizzling-Shirlaine, Nimble-Nigel and Kwik-Karina. Talking of Karina, Abingdon seems to have acquired itself a serial baker, and the reward for a solid 60 minutes of good performance would be permission to scoff down a very yummy looking chocolate cup cake!

It’s safe to say that Abingdon are ruled by their bellies, an excellent first half by Abingdon 3! Well apart from the goal tally, but we all know it’s jolly difficult to get that blasted ball into the korf. More importantly chances were being created in attack, several long shots and a few nifty close efforts. But more impressively was the concentration in defence, with me doing my best Alex-Girl foghorn impression (no substitute for the real thing but it would have to do), defenders stuck to their guns and mostly feeds were cut out. At half time the City 2 goal machine had only scored 4, and Abingdon were hot on their coat-tails with 3 netted in the first half! A lovely long shot from Juan-Mi as usual came down with ice on it, but all that ice shattered as it passed through the korf. A more reasonably parabola’d shot from Rich stayed within the confines of the sports hall, but the end result was just as good. And finally, always a pleasure to describe in match reports, let’s all celebrate Karina’s first goal for the club! Using a feed at just the right moment, she skinned her lady before she could say “cup cake”, and bagged a clinically finished running-in shot.

Half time oranges were soon guzzled (touching the cup cakes was strictly banned at this point), and after a feeble offering of a few words of encouragement by me, it was onto the second half.

On we pushed, and some fine work all round the park. However as the half wore on, tired legs, arms and brains began to tell. Attacks went a little flat, and a few lost markers in defence meant City 2 started to eek out a healthier lead than the 1 goal margin at half time. But Abingdon weren’t going down without a fight, and a good final push to improve the goal tally was apparent. Juan-Mi was having a rather juicy ding-dong with his somewhat younger opponent, but fortunately he stayed on the right side of the law, instead channelling the raging passionate Catalan blood inside him into bagging himself a fine pair of long shots, to give him an excellent personal tally of 3 for the afternoon. And Rich’s golden arm can never be kept quiet for long, another long range effort for him was the end of the afternoon’s scoring amongst several other close opportunities. Other notable efforts were Shirlaine’s fine collecting (helped by that ultra competitive attitude), and Lyndsey’s alertness in defence, meaning at least two city goals were ruled out due to her teeny-tiny arm poking upwards and her teeny-tiny legs getting the teeny-tiny arm close enough to her defender.

One last bit of excitement to report. Purely accidental, but one quick pass and use of feed, two running girls and two stationary boys all going for the same spot meant an almighty pile-up occurred! You know, a bit like a multi-car incident on the M40 where there are cars everywhere and debris is strewn all across the carriageway. Alas the Abingdon debris from this incident was our own Bhairavi. Ankles of course rock solid and healthy thanks to her trusty supports, but her ribs told a different story as they received the full force of City Fiona’s head, leaving her crumpled on the floor in a heap. But tough as old nails is our Indium, with just a few minutes left to play she soldiered on until the final whistle before taking a well-earned sit down.

A final scoreline of 6-12, but pats on the back all round. Only one thing left to say really. CUPCAKES!!! Nomnomnomnomnomnom… *chocolate*… *everywhere*… 🙂

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