Abingdon Atoms (1) 21 – 8 Oxford Uni (1)

Just the one match this afternoon for Abingdon at the Oxfordshire korfball centre of excellence! And eight pairs of legs creaked and groaned as they entered the sports hall and saw an army of nippy students partaking in a medley of enthusiastic endeavours, such as “warming up” and “jogging”. Seriously?! If we did that our energy would be all gone before the ref blew the starting whistle…

Team news and a little switcheroo of divisions from the traditional line-ups. Alex Girl and I acquired a Catalan and a Geordie, meanwhile we tearfully said goodbye to Bhairavi as she crossed the half-way line and went to the Beavanshire-Flash end, who were also entrusted with our Ginger-Ninja (think of him as the Steve Davies of our club) to make up another quartet of awesomeness. Special mention to Flash too, actually turning up more than a nanosecond before the start of the match, top stuff Caroline – excelling even before we began 😉

A final special mention to one of our beginners, Clare, who had come all the way to watch us play and cheer us on from the sidelines! So we were determined to do well and put on a show for her 🙂

PEEP went referee Ian Lewis’s whistle, and we were off! And with Abingdon usually slow starters, ze leetle grey cells normally taking a few moments to ease into proceedings, I’m delighted to say that things were excellent during the first half today, everyone switched on and alert in defence. Well apart from me making a right boo-boo of one particular moment early on, a wrong-footing gifting a nice goal to Uni. Slap on wrist, sorry Coach…

But that moment aside defence was generally solid all round, and in attack we were whizzing the ball around like an over-active pinball machine and finishing with the accuracy of a trained sniper of twenty years aiming his cross-hair at a herd of grazing wildebeest. Yes goals were flying in like rain-drops during an Amazon downpour, a whopping 16 (yes that’s S-I-X-T-E-E-N) before the half time interval, wowzers! It’s all too much for my brain to remember, but let’s go with one for Ninja, four for Beavanshire, one for Flash, two for me, one for Indium, one for The Catalan Express, and five for Girlie. A medley all round of excellent long shooting, a few runners, some cheeky twisly-turny numbers that some of our rather experienced players seem to manage to get into the position for every so often, and a few penalties and free-passes in there too. A whopping 16-4 to us at half time, surely a first-half record at Abingdon in recent years? Clare please can you come and watch every match?!

After a solid 30 minutes of student-chasing, we guzzled our water with much gusto knowing that our pensioner-like legs would have to cope with the army of student substitutes that would be whizzing round the court in the second half faster than electrons around atoms (see what I did there?!) And maybe this was why things dropped down a level or two in the second half. Uni were acclimatising to our scoring ways, and with fitness on their side life was tougher for us. In particular our nuggety-Ninja loves a good “jump defend”, the basketball-ness in him just can’t be tamed. Which of course is just what a nippy young student likes, a quick pass to feed and running-in goals conceded. Naughty-Ninja, we’ll beat it out of you eventually 🙂 But it wasn’t just Ninja, a few players were not quite at top-alertness, but the damage had been done in the first half so fortunately it had little effect on the overall result today.

Nevertheless during the second half we restricted uni to 4 goals in total again, and managed to eek out another 5 ourselves. One from me, one from Boy-Wonder, two from Girl-Wonder and one from Gorka. As usual, the accuracy of who-scored-what-and-when may not necessarily represent actual proceedings…

With Abingdon on their last legs near the end we could have flagged completely, but with Clare’s vociferous support on the sidelines, the usual calm and tranquil surroundings of St. Greg’s was more like a raucous amphitheatre! And at the final whistle we hoped we had done our spectator proud, finishing with a rather tremendous 21-8 win. WELL PLAYED EVERYONE! And to finish, I leave you with a couple of korfball memes that sum up today’s action against Uni…



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