Abingdon Atoms (2) 4 – 35 Southampton Uni (1) and Abingdon Atoms (1) 17 – 20 Southampton City (1)

Phew, what a busy week! Write-ups will be a little terser this week as I cobble one together over lunch time (no bad thing I hear you all say, oh hahaha…)

So then, Abingdon 2 up first against Southampton Uni 1. Bottom vs top! Now for those that don’t know, Southampton Uni 1 are pretty awesome, and have recently beaten the England Under 17 team. Mugs they are not. But with both Shirlaine “the competitor” and Gerard “the pace” playing up into the Abingdon 2 ranks today, along with the beaming and ultra up-beat cheesy grin of Damian T too, the attitude of A2 before kick-off was nothing short of exceptional, and thus A2 have their own dedicated korfball meme below to illustrate the feeling in camp. Gary also played up from A3 to join Rich, Tayeben and Chrissie in A2, and a bit of A1 help down from Bhairavi/Baerbel (half each).

Peep, and quite one-sided this match was, as you might expect. With Southampton Uni player all playing for their place before next week’s student nationals, there was no mercy from any of their players. But special mentions to every A2 player for giving it 100%, and instead of focusing on the 35 goals scored by Uni, let’s focus on the 4 goals scored by Abingdon 2! A lovely medium length shot nailed by Gerard, followed up later by a cool and calm penalty. Two also to Rich, both lovely long shots, well played to both, the final scoreline 4-35. Sounds loads doesn’t it, but let me tell you that just one hour before, Uni 1 also had a whopping 29-8 victory against Oxford City 1, who are certainly no mugs this season, so no shame at all in that final scoreline.

So then onto Abingdon 1 – up against Southampton City 1. Team news – usual suspects but no Ninja or Frenchman, so we welcomed the flowing locks of Dave to A1. Having beaten SC1 19-15 earlier in the season, this was surely going to be an arse-clencher all the way through. And so it turned out to be, with the score 9-11 at half time. We could have had more, but several medium to close-in chances were squandered all round, which got Flash a tad grumpy (not on the surface, ultra-positive as is always needed, but that competitive simmering furnace was burning hot deep within…)

We all vowed to do better second half… on we all pressed, but the irrepressible Andy Nye in the opposition ranks was having a blast this afternoon. Even our nimblest Catalan-Express at his exceptional best was struggling to pin him down, so what chance did the rest of us mere mortals have? I had a little go to give Gorka a break 10 minutes before half time, but alas I fared no better. He scored 10 in their final total of 20. How many did Abingdon 1 manage? An agonisingly close 17, much to our disappointment but to the entertainment of the onlookers from the side.

So more shooting practice required all round this week! But to cheer you all up, a few memes highlighting some of Sunday’s action…





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