Abingdon Atoms (1) 8 – 12 Farnborough Jets (1)

Abingdon 1 in action this afternoon. At St. Greg’s? Nope, ROAD TRIP!!! To sunny Farnborough (which unlike in previous match reports, it was actually sunny in Farnborough).

Who came on the road trip? Boyz were Alex B, Andrew, Matt and Damien. Laydeez were Alex F, Baerbel (including her family entourage consisting of Mother-Baerbel and Annie), Chrissie stepping up from A2 and…. Karina Lang! Filling the final girlie gap she was, ready to take on a Farnborough lady with much gusto and enthusiasm in her first ever A1 match.

But most importantly today – England were playing in the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup Final against the West Indies! And so with Alex Boy and I keeping a sharp eye on our mobile phones during any interval throughout the match, the game described to you in cricketing terms on such a special day went something like this…

A quiet start to proceedings, a bit like the first morning of a Test match. Both teams assessing the pitch and overhead conditions with due diligence, not wishing to hand early advantage to their opponents or nick a swinging delivery to third slip. However early breakthrough was made, and as has been the case all season Alex Girl was seeing it like a beach ball, and an early shot was timed beautifully off the middle of her bat, 1-0 to us! Farnborough regrouped for a period, not wanting to lose further wickets…

Farnborough goal, 1-1. Time for the luncheon interval (cricket is the most civilized of sports you see). Once play resumed the early deadlock was broken, goals started to flow for both sides. Through the middle overs, Alex Girl had got herself in and continued to motor nicely, playing more expansive shots and a couple more goals from her. But cricket is all about building good partnerships, so how were the other end doing? Bedded in nicely, and a goal from our ninja was surrounded by two lovely goals from Baerbel (mother-Baerbel on the sidelines must have been tickled pink with pride), including one delicious long shot that sailed in with a trajectory akin to a six sailing over the boundary ropes in T20 cricket!

Chrissie and Alex Boy were playing nicely, but unfortunately after a number of carved out opportunities just missed the korf, they both received good deliveries and were out for ducks. At the other end, Damien and Karina came close on occasions, in particular Karina adjusting well to the speed of her array of nippy ladies in defence, but alas couldn’t quite get off the goal scoring tally, both out LBW without troubling the scorers.

After the tea interval (yes cricket is indeed that civilized), the end of the Abingdon innings was in sight, and it was time for the final partnership to add what they could to our total. Alex Girl, Abingdon’s power hitter carrying her bat throughout the innings was there at the end with a final delicious long shot to finish on 4 for the afternoon, and a cheeky dug out yorker from yours truly off the final ball of the innings resulted in a scratchy single added to the total, a shoot-then-run-in-and-shoot-a-close-one closed the Abingdon batting innings on 8 goals in total. So 9 for Farnborough to win, could they chase it down within the 60 minutes? Alas yes they could, hitting a boundary off the final delivery to close their innings on 12 goals and therefore win by the margin of 4 goals. Well played Farnborough, and well battled to all Abingdon 1 players. Alas in the cricket, England lost against the West Indies in the final over, so I write this report with much sadness and tears rolling down my cheeks into my keyboard ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Maybe training on Thursday will cheer me up!

So that concludes Abingdon 1’s season, and a mixture of varied performances has been the pattern this year, with us most likely finishing “best of the rest” behind the power trio of Southampton Uni 1, Farnborough 1 and Oxford City 1 in Division 1. Well done to all who have donned an A1 shirt this season and contributed to our results! ๐Ÿ™‚

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