Abingdon Atoms (1) 20 – 16 Oxford City (1) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 7 – 15 Didcot Dragons (2)

And so, onto the Sunday just gone, and what a juicy encounter this first match promised to be! Yes A1 were up against the powerhouse that is City 1 these days, what with their Birmingham imports and other regional league experience, this is always a juicy little goal-littered encounter that goes to the wire, and it would prove no different this time round! After a high paced and dynamic first half, we were enjoying the 10-9 half time scoreline (or something like that, it was jolly close one way or the other…)

With half time water downed, the epic team of Alex F, Bhairavi, Chrissie, Frances, Alex B, Andrew, Gorka and Matt soldiered on. Bhairavi had been wonderful up to this point, turning up despite feeling under the weather and kept her City girl under wraps excellently. But with her runny nose having drained her battery down to zero, Shirlaine was deployed for the final 20 minutes to try and help us secure what would be an excellent win! Suddenly it was 15-15… then 16-15… then 16-16! Arse-cheeks on the sidelines were clenching even tighter, and Bhairavi was chewing nervously on the match form as the final minutes played out.

Fortunately a bit of Abingdon experience kept us calm, passing was good and accurate, and a penalty plus two lovely long shots put good daylight between us and City, and a final goal just before the end meant we had earned a fabulous 20-16 win (Gorka 5, Andrew 5, Alex F 4, Alex B 4, Matt 2), which is by far Abingdon’s best result of the season so far! πŸ˜€ Special mentions to Bhairavi for toughing it out for us, and also Frances, playing 60 minutes at a much higher pace than she is used to, she did very well indeed, well played Popey! Also thanks to Shirlaine’s last minute availability, we could replace Bhairavi and keep up the intensity on the City attack, all of which contributed to our overall win πŸ™‚

So then, if you’ve made it this far through my ramblings, well done! You are rewarded with the details of the final match of last weekend, which was Abingdon 3 up against Didcot 2. And quite a fresh faced Abingdon 3 this was, with a number of new players mixing in with more seasoned campaigners, a team of Gary, Frances, Shirlaine, Steven VB, Kiri, Jelle, Steve R and Nirosha were our on-court representatives. And with Didcot 2 came a number of experienced players, so after a fine start where the scoreline was fairly even, Didcot 2 eventually eased into the comfort zone, themselves scoring 15 goals in total in the match.

How many could Abingdon muster? 7 in total. But what a fine 7 they were! In particular, 2 from Gary-Guinness, or Gary-Gazelle as he will now be known, bursting past his player with speed never seen before! We all looked on with amazement from the sidelines… Also starting with a bang was Frances, showing her class with 2 goals in about 5 minutes, she was off and running in no time at all!

But even better than all of this so far…. Nirosha Sithirapathy! It normally takes me most of the first half to write out her name on the match form, but once you’ve done that and recovered from writer’s cramp, it gave me great pleasure to write down not 1 but 2 GOALS next to her name, cheeky little short shots by the post when her defender wasn’t playing attention, lovely first goals for the club! πŸ™‚ Also in this category, Steve Roberts! A lovely shot that sailed in, also notching up his first ever goal for the club, well played to you too, and everyone else, especially those playing down to ensure that the fixture went ahead with 8 players for maximum fun all round (Shirlaine, Frances, Steven VB), thank you! Final scoreline a 7-15 loss to Didcot 2.

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