Abingdon Atoms (1) 27 – 4 Abingdon Atoms (2), Abingdon Atoms (3) 8 – 15 Oxford City (3), Abingdon Atoms (1) 11 – 25 Southampton Uni (1) and Abingdon Atoms (3) 4 – 12 Oxford Isis (3)

Quick round up of recent Atomic action! What’s been happening in the world of bright-orange korf?

Last weekend saw the Abingdon local derby! 16 atoms on court at any one time is a joy to behold, and splendid we all looked. Well apart from Abingdon 1, we had to wear the Bolivia kit that visibly showed me for the sweaty little boy that I am within minutes of korf action. BOOOOOOO!!! Anyway, with my little sulk over, it was time to korf some ball! With the match day selectors wishing to keep people in their usual teams as much as possible, Lyndsey Atkins was parachuted all the way up to A1 to join Caroline, Alex F, Alex B, Bhairavi, Gorka, Andrew and myself. Donning the actual orange shirts for A2 were Chrissie, Rich, Frances, Jordan, Jelle, Tayebeh, Gary and Karina.

As you may expect it was a teeny bit one-sided, plenty of goals for Abingdon 1 all round the park. Abingdon 2 visibly improved over the 60 minutes though, and a number of shots went agonisingly close for them. Alas a scoreline of 27-4 to Abingdon 1 was the final result. Tallies for Abingdon 1 were Alex F 6, Caroline 5, Matt 5, Andrew 5, Alex B 3, Gorka 2 and Bhairavi 1. Abingdon 2: Karina 1, Rich 1, Frances 1 and Jordan 1. However there is one special mention from this match, and that is for Jelle Metsers (who Abingdon 1 gave MVP to on the match form). When presented with the choice of defending either Andrew “Giant Step” Rogers or Alex “Sneaky Shots” Beavan, which do you choose? Gees, rock and a hard place really… nevertheless he battled manfully against each of them for periods of the match, even switching defender at the right time when we haven’t even taught him that yet (how cool is that!), and did amazingly well generally given his korfball experience to date, well done Jelle!

After a sexy cheesy smiley club photo between matches, it was time for Abingdon 3 to take on Oxford City 3. A team of Tayebeh, Karina, Jelle, Gary, Damian T, Frances Pope, Lyndsey, Nigel and Kiri battled against both City 3, and a few “interesting” (yeah, let’s stick with that word) refereeing decisions throughout the match. A final scoreline 8 – 15 was the result. Special mention for the steely-eyed Karina Lang! Playing against her old club always seems to get the old competitive juices going just that little bit more, a two-goal haul for her. And a second special mention for Nigel Scott, finally able to return from elbow injury, it was good to see him on court again πŸ™‚ Final goals: Tayebeh 3, Karina 2, Jelle 1, Frances 1 and Nigel 1.

So then onto this weekend just gone, and Abingdon 1 had the thankless task of trekking down to the south cost to take on Southampton Uni 1, division 1 destroyers from last year by a country mile, and looking like doing so again this year! On arrival it was depressing to see how many of dem pesky buggers hadn’t graduated, but after our cheeky pre-match outing to the Winchester Christmas market, we turned up at the sports hall in peak sporting condition with cold muscles and bellies full of burger, chocolate and mulled wine. You can’t say we don’t prepare well for matches… anyway, how much of a kicking did they dish out to the team of Alex F, Alex B, Gorka, Bhairavi, Jordan, Frances, Chrissie and myself do? Final score was a 11-25 loss, but we did pretty well all things considered, and managed to carve ourselves out plenty of shooting opportunities throughout the match, despite the dogged students pursuing us everywhere on court. With the half-time score 2-11, the second half of 9-14 was certainly not too shabby at all. Goals: Matt 3, Alex B 3, Gorka 2, Bhairavi 1, Jordan 1, Alex F 1. A BIG thank you to everyone who travelled to the south coast!

But double action for Abingdon it was yesterday, the rare occurrence of playing overlapping matches in different locations. With Damien’s calf not quite ready for A1 korf action yet, he kindly reffed our St. Greg’s commitment and then coached Abingdon 3 up against Isis 3 immediately afterwards. And quite a fresh team it was too with a full mix of experience throughout. The Clare and Steve newbie-duo were joined by Nirosha, Lyndsey, Jelle, Kiri, Nigel and Gary.

Judging by the match form, Nirosha, the naughty little minx turned up.. oh how can we put this… “fashionably late”! AHEM!!! With 10 minutes on the clock, she must have eventually made it onto court. Fortunately she made up for her tardiness by scoring a goal! As did Gary! As did Kiri! As did Nigel! Yay πŸ™‚ But how many did Isis 3 score? 12. Booo 😦 But they were 8 vs 7 for 10 minutes, so maybe they scored a lot then. Anyway, a 4-12 loss was the final result, but most importantly another vital 60 minutes of korf experience for many players, well played all!

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