Abingdon Atoms (3) 0 – 15 Buckingham Royals 1 (forfeit), Abingdon Atoms (1) 26 – 12 Oxford Uni (1), Abingdon Atoms (1) 15 – 9 Oxford City (2) and Abingdon Atoms (2) 8 – 24 Oxford Isis (1)

We start the round up with a rather dull 15-0 walkover for Abingdon 3 against Bucks Royals 1, as we were unable to field a legal team. Booooo! But with Alex B, Chrissie and Rich naughtily playing down, we could turn it into a fun 8 vs 8 friendly match. Although Bucks Royals are very handy, the final score was 21-6 to them. But of our 6, rumour has it that our very own Chrissie scored LOADS of goals! Like literally 5 out of our 6! One can only assume that the aroma of gravy wafting through from the school cafeteria next door had filled her nostrils with extra ions of northern energy, top scoring Geordie!

Anyway onto other league matches, and Abingdon 1 were next in action, and after a tough losing start to the season were in desperate need of a win. Up against them were an Oxford Uni 1 side depleted of a few stars from previous years (they got old or something, apparently students have to grow up eventually), so this would be a great chance to register a first win of the season.

Well rather emphatically, that’s exactly what happened! A squad of Bhairavi, Baerbel, Caroline, Alex F, Alex B, Matt, Gorka and Andrew ran riot for the first 30 minutes with all sorts of goaly-goodness sinking into the korf at regular intervals, Oxford Uni looking rather dazed. And with subs-a-plenty and a healthy half time lead, lots of rolling happened in the second half so that we could exercise the legs of Chrissie, Shirlaine, Frances and Gary (what luxury it was to have so many eager and willing subs on the sidelines!) A final bruising scoreline of 26-12 was registered (Andrew 7, Alex Girl 6, Gorka 5, Matt 3, Alex Boy 2, Caroline 2, Baerbel 1), although special mention goes to Uni’s young Elliot, a nippy young man who did well to bag 6 of their 12 goals. Anyway, congratulations Abingdon 1!

So then on to two weekends ago. First up were Abingdon 1 against Oxford City 2, not a side to be taken lightly these days, some rather useful skills littered through the opposition ranks. A slow start, and we were actually 2-1 down for a good chunk of the first half, passes and movement not quite clicking early for Abingdon 1, comprising of Alex B, Matt, Rich, Andrew, Alex F, Chrissie, Caroline and Baerbel. Fortunately things got better and goals started to drop, the scoreline quickly improving. Although City 2 were certainly on our coat tails at half time. What to do? Deploy the super-subs of Jordan and Shirlaine, that’s what! With Chrissie and Rich taking a well earned breather, on we soldiered, in the end carving out a reasonably comfortable 15-9 win (Alex B 4, Matt 3, Andrew 2, Baerbel 2, Caroline 2, Alex F 2). Well played all!

Next up were Abingdon 2 against a rather handy looking Isis 1, looking resplendent in their bright green kit (or radioactive kit, whichever adjective you prefer)… anyway, a starting line-up of Gary, Chrissie, Shirlaine, Karina, Rich, Kiri, Jordan and Steven blasted out of the starting blocks, and…. ah, conceded a number of goals, Isis do seem to have found some nippy talent these days. Goals were popping in regularly for them, but on soldiered Abingdon 2, carving out what opportunities they could against the tough opposition. The final scoreline of 8-24 was harsher than the reality of the match, so let’s just celebrate the goals scored instead (Shirlaine 3, Steven 2, Karina 1, Chrissie 1, Jordan 1). Good effort all!

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