Meet the Team

Gary – Chairman

Atomic Number: 80 Mercury
I’d like to say that I chose this because I’m as fast as quicksilver but it’s the year I was born (hard to believe but true).

Korfball career:  I joined the club in 2015 having never played korfball before.  I’d never played basketball or netball before either so it was all new to me.  Korfball is great for beginners as whenever you join you’re likely to be playing with loads of others who are new to the game.

Real life: When not playing korfball I work as a software developer for a nuclear engineering company in Harwell.


Steph/Goobs – Social Sec & 3rd team assisting coach

Shirt atom: 2, Helium

Korfball age: since 2009

Real life age: 20-something

Plays in: 2nd/3rd teams

Life outside of korfball: None 😂 I’m a Forensic Scientist, but Chemistry nerd at heart.

I joined korfball at University and was pleasantly surprised to find I could throw and catch a ball. Why I love korfball over other sports is the mixed genders and the swapping of divisions after any two goals – it means you get to learn both attack and defence and really have to work as a team. You’ll usually hear me yelling and cheering from the other end of the pitch or the sidelines.

I joined Atoms in March 2018. They’re a super friendly and social club and I look forward to our relaxed training and meet ups every week.

Come try something new!