Safeguarding Children and Young People

September 2015

As a member of the Oxfordshire Korfball Association (OKA) and England Korfball Association (EKA), Abingdon Atoms Korfball Club (AAKC) has a duty of care to safeguard the wellbeing of all children and young people participating in korfball through affiliation with the club. In association with the OKA, AAKC will ensure the safety and protection of all children involved in any korfball related activity through the implementation of and adherence to the EKA child Protection Policy and all other relevant EKA guidelines. In accordance with these, AAKC states that the Club and its affiliated members (players, coaches, referees, volunteers and social) will undertake the following:

  • The appointed club Child Protection Officer (CPO) will be EKA DBS cleared. Another valid DBS clearance is valid as a stop gap whilst EKA DBS clearance is sought.
  • The Head Coach will be EKA DBS cleared, or in the process of going through clearance during times when young people are part of the club. Another valid DBS clearance is valid as a stop gap whilst EKA DBS clearance is sought.
  • Where possible, a third club member regularly attending training sessions will be DBS cleared.
  • Occasionally (e.g. due to absence or holiday), training sessions or matches may take place where no-one who is DBS cleared is present. Parents of young people will be made aware of this possibility when their child initially attends training with the club.
  • Accept the moral and legal responsibility to implement procedures to provide a duty of care and safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people.
  • Accept that the welfare of children and young people is the primary concern.
  • Respect and promote the rights, wishes and feelings of children and young people.
  • Aim to ensure that all children and young people, regardless of their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief or sexual identity are welcomed into a safe and caring environment, with a happy and friendly atmosphere.
  • Aim to develop a positive and proactive position in order to protect all children and young people who play korfball, enabling them to participate in an enjoyable and safe environment.
  • Aim to demonstrate best practice in the area of safeguarding children and young people and child protection.
  • Encourage all coaches, players, referees and volunteers to adopt best practice to safeguard and protect children and young people from abuse, as well as shielding themselves against false allegations.
  • Require all coaches and volunteers to sign up to a Code of Conduct to safeguard the welfare of children and young people.
  • Will ensure that DBS Enhanced Disclosure checks are carried out on all individuals in roles that the EKA decrees should be appropriately vetted.
  • Recognise that it is the responsibility of each individual affiliated with the club to prevent the physical, sexual or emotional abuse of children and young people, and to report any concerns including discovered or suspected abuse to the appropriate parties.
  • Respond to any allegations or suspicions of abuse appropriately and ensure that the infrastructure and procedures are in place to deal with these and other incidences of poor practice.
  • Recognise that it is the responsibility of professionals to investigate and determine whether or not anything constituting a child protection issue has take place.
  • Ensure that appropriate written consent, medical and player registration documents for all children and young people involved in korfball activities have been completed and disseminated to the appropriate parties.
  • Maintain clear and contemporaneous records of all information pertaining to safeguarding children and young people, ensuring this remains confidential and securely stored.
  • Acknowledge that confidentiality should be upheld in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, the Human Rights Act 2002 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000.