Simplified Rules of Korfball


Teams consist of four men and four women. Teams are split into two divisions of two men and two women. One division plays attack, the other defence. After two goals by either team the divisions switch so attach becomes defence and vice versa. Divisions must remain in their half.


The object of the game is to score as many goals as possible. A goal is scored by shooting the ball into the basket, called a korf, that is 3.5m high. Unlike some other similar games, in Korfball there is:

  • no running with the ball
  • no dribbling
  • no deliberate physical contact

If a player receives the ball while stationary they may only pivot on one foot. If a player receives the ball while running and then shoots or passes, they are allowed two steps before releasing the ball.


Goals can only be scored when a player breaks free from his or her defender. An attacker is defended when a defender of the same sex is:

  • between the attacker and the korf
  • within reach of the attacker’s torso
  • facing the attacaker
  • has one arm up to block a shot

A shot taken while an attacker is defended is a foul. Defending an attacker of the opposite sex is also a foul.


Matches consist of two halves each of about 30 minutes each on a rectangular field of play of about 40m x 20m which can be either indoors or outdoors.


The referee starts and stops the game by blowing their whistle. When the game is restarted the player must wait for the whistle before resuming play.

The full Korfball rules can be found here.


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